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Tattoo Artist Profile Guide: Better Business, Better Art

Tattoo Artist Profile Guide: Better Business, Better Art
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In this guide we show you how to perfect your Tattoodo App tattoo artist profile by tagging pictures, setting up your location, and more!

In this guide to creating the best tattoo artist profile within the Tattoodo App, we talk about what aspects of your work to focus on and promote so that new clients can find you. Although we totally get that spending time on these things sometimes feels like a distraction, it’s totally necessary so that you have better visibility which leads to better clients! 

Add Your Portfolio:

Hashtagging the tattoo photos you upload is important: it's one of the ways clients will find your work!

Hashtag Portfolio Images:

Adding a workplace on your profile will ensure that you get local exposure and show up in city specific searches.

Add Your City and Studio:

Adding the styles you do helps clients find you while searching for that particular aesthetic.

Pick Your Style:

The more information you give people, the better chances you’ll have in making them feel comfortable and confident in choosing you.

Fill Out Your Bio:

Streamline and empower your business with Tattoodo Pro.

Tattoodo Pro:

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