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Tattoodo X Skin Stories: Heart and Heritage with Fa' Empel

Tattoodo X Skin Stories: Heart and Heritage with Fa' Empel

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Fahrani Pawaka Empel explores the connection between her ancestors and the tattoos she collects.

Part of the Tattoodo X Skin Stories short film series collaboration, Fahrani Pawaka Empel was one of four creatives chosen to share her story. Speaking on her experience as a world traveler, sound healer, and mother, Fa' explores her journey collecting tattoos that reflect her past, present, and future.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself like your background, some of the things you love to do and why you were drawn to them?

My name is Fahrani Pawaka Empel, you can call me Fa'. I've expressed myself in so many different ways and forms throughout life. To simplify it: I am a creator and a mother. For the last three years, crystal singing bowls has been the tool for me to express and heal; it is an offering that I love to share with the world. I am also passionate about acting and performing. At this very moment, I am going through a MNDFL teacher training program and honing in on my first feature film script that I will direct.

I’d love it if you could describe the connection between your heritage and the tattoos you have. 
I am here continuing the tradition to honor my Dayak ancestors of Borneo that walked the land before me. Many of my tattoos are inspired by my tribe, and I've also collected the lost symbols of Borneo on my skin; “lost" because their meanings are not known.

Fahrani Pawaka Empel for Skin Stories X Tattoodo #FahraniPawakiEmpel #FaEmpel #SkinStories #tattoocollector #tattooculture #tattoocare

Your authenticity is something, I think, that has always really captured the hearts of people who admire you. What advice do you have for young creatives trying to find their voice and place in the world?

Simply continue to follow your hearts. We are authentic individuals, each of our voices and stories is unique and it must be embraced. Practice to speak our truth and take up our space. We all are sovereign beings and we must claim it.

Fahrani Pawaka Empel for Skin Stories X Tattoodo #FahraniPawakiEmpel #FaEmpel #SkinStories #tattoocollector #tattooculture #tattoocare

Can you speak a bit on your healing practices? How do you harness the power of sound and other techniques to become a better, more healthy, person?
This vision came to me through a dream and I've been managing it since then intuitively. One day, i woke up and knew that I had to start interacting with the bowls, so i just went for it. It is a form of meditation for me: the giver and the receiver. Our cells are made of crystalline structures, therefore the crystal bowls frequencies would be received directly at the cellular level in this process. It's a powerful activation.

The act of BEing, so ever-present, with the sound and the movement within the session really gives me a sense of home: the peace within. If you ask me what would be the cure to our social and personal problems, the answer is this: to learn to be mindful in all that we do; see everything as a learning opportunity, and always approach with great curiosity.

Fahrani Pawaka Empel for Skin Stories X Tattoodo #FahraniPawakiEmpel #FaEmpel #SkinStories #tattoocollector #tattooculture #tattoocare

Do you have any hopes, plans, goals or dreams for the future that you’d like to share?
I envision a peaceful, liberated, and harmonious society on planet Earth.

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

Social Producer, Journalist, Editor, and Curator for Tattoodo I am here to support you 🌻 IG: @lathe.of.heaven

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