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Tattoos & getting Sun

Tattoos & getting Sun
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It’s no question that the sun is potentially damaging to the skin especially when the skin is under long periods of sun exposure.

It can result to a lot of things, depending on your lifestyle and frequency to sunlight, from sun burns to skin cancer. But then again, sun exposure is essential, given the right amount of sun and the right time to get sun. We need sun to warm our bodies and supply us energy, just as the whole planet depends on it. For tattooed people who love getting sun once in a while for that nice, beach-ready tan, getting sun could be a dillemma. This is because the sun is our tattoos’ worst enemy. It’s powerful UV rays can drain the life out of our tattoos. But don’t fret, dear reader, ‘cause you may just find some helpful tips and trivia tidbits about tattoos & getting sun right here, right now. :)

1. Make sure that your new tattoo (if there’s any) has fully healed.

Before hitting the beach and planning any sunbathing sessions, make it sure that your new tattoo has healed well. A well-healed tattoo must have peeled off and could have stood for at least 3 months. Remember that you have been advised by your tattoo artist against sun exposure, saltwater and soaking your new tattoo. Follow his aftercare instructions for best results. Remember that the tattoo process doesn’t stop until the whole thing has healed, so it’s now in your hands to care for your new tattoo to make it look its best for the years to come.

 2. Don’t forget to bring to bring Sunscreen!

Find one that has a high SPF level and re-apply when needed (at least every 2 hours) to make sure that you are protected. Experts recommend getting a water-resistant sunscreen that should be applied 30 minutes before going outdoors (that is, if you plan to go swimming as well). Never use sunscreen on a fresh new tattoo!

3. The more you tan, the more the ink fades.

The tanning process is actually burning the top layer of your skin to achieve the “golden” look. But in reality it is a sunburn. So the more you burn your skin, the more the tattoo ink fades. In the image above, we can see how the tattoo faded and turned into a grayish blue color. It is a fact, whether we like it or not. So if you are insistent in getting a nice tan, you can do so moderately. Otherwise, the vibrance of your tattoos wouldn’t last for long. It is really up to you how you want your tattoos to stay with you for the rest of your life.

4. Any time that your tattoo is going to be exposed under the sun, cover it.

Always bring an umbrella especially at noon time when the sun is high. Invest on long sleeve t-shirts and jackets. If you have tattoos on your hands, you can pocket them in your hoodies. If you have tattoos on your feet, wear shoes. If you have more exposed tattoos on your face and neck, wear sunscreen suitable to facial skin and wear a hat to keep it protected.

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