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The Babadook is America’s Newest Gay Icon and That’s Fabulous

The Babadook is America’s Newest Gay Icon and That’s Fabulous
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We take a look at some Babadook tattoos and memes in celebration of pride month?

Friends, the Babadook is now a gay icon. How did this happen seemingly overnight? Well, all it took was Netflix erroneously listing the film in its LGBT section and the internet went to work. And you know how the internet does. We can’t help feel a bit sorry for other gay icons like Judy Garland who had to take the long road, but we’re fully embracing this nightmarish monster as the face of queer America in 2017. What better way to celebrate this remarkable shift in culture than with some good old fashion Babadook tattoos?

Babadook tattoo by Chris Beckett (via IG -- mooseman_chris) #ChrisBeckett #babadook #babadooktattoo
Babadook by Joe K Worrall (via IG -- joekworrall) #joekworrall #babadook #babadooktattoo
Meme hilarity #babadook
Such a spicy meme #babadook

Three years ago, no one could have predicted the status the Babadook would gain in the gay community. The Netflix error occurred last year, but this trending piece of pop culture didn’t really boil over until this year’s pride celebrations began. But now that the last two weeks have passed, we’re hard pressed to remember a time when the Babadook wasn’t an ambassador for queer rights. It just makes sense on a level that we can’t even begin to explain. Plus, the will of Netflix is this will of us all, and who are we to question their judgment?

Babadook by Mykah Oliveira (via IG -- umibozu.4) #MykahOliveira #babadook #babadooktattoo
Babadook by Neal Needles (via IG -- nealneedles) #nealneedles #babadook #babadooktattoo
Babadook by Brielle Wilson (via IG -- briezy_art) #BrielleWilson #babadook #babadooktattoo
Cute Babadook by Meri (via IG -- tattoosbymeri) #meri #babadook #babadooktattoo

Don’t these Babadook tattoos just make you want to stand up for the members of the LGBT community in your life? Well, if that’s what it takes, fine. But you really should have been doing that all along.

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