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The Breathtaking Spectacle of Competitive Vaping Tattoos

The Breathtaking Spectacle of Competitive Vaping Tattoos
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I think we can all agree, the only thing cooler than pulling off vape tricks are tattoos of sick vape tricks.

Thanks to the infectious personality of our boss, everyone here at Tattoodo recently got into vaping, and now our office is constantly filled with a billowing fogbank of two of our all-time favorite flavors — Smurf Cake and Unicorn Milk. We’ve gotten so into cloud-chasing, that we can pull off some crazy tricks now. I’ve nearly mastered the Waterfall and Dragon, and one of my editors even packs a wicked Box Jellyfish. We were thinking about going pro with it. You know, forming a competitive vaping team? It’s one of the most exciting new sports out there. People have even started getting competitive vaping tattoos, and since that’s our game, we figured we’d give it a shot.

A vape tattoo by Chris Greathouse (IG—inkercg). #ChrisGreathouse #traditional #vape
On no my E-juice by unknown artist. #Ejuice #newschool #vape

There were tons of tattoos at the competition we attended at Atomic Bomb Vape Co. in Camden, NJ, but they were hard to make out due to the copious amount of vapor in air. We started off with a bang, our PR representative taking the gold in the chimney event. We didn’t fair so hot in rings, though: I tried to pull off a bullring and choked hard on the reverse inhale, throwing off my otherwise perfect form. We also performed well in the 100-yard vape and cloudball, but when it came to final contest, the hazy relay, we really blew it, dropping the vape pen not once but twice as we struggled to hand it off, dizzy from lack of oxygen. Once the proverbial smoke cleared, we came in dead last, and thus abandoned our pipedream of becoming a professional vape crew.

Everything you need to vape by Erik Hutchinson (IG—erik.hutchinson.av). #ErikHutchinson #traditional #vape
An attractive vaper lady by Ian Parkin (IG—ianparkintattoo). #IanParkin #ladyhead #traditional #vape

Looking back on our nicotine-fueled foray into competitive vaping, we all learned that not everyone has what it takes to become a champion. It requires an intense amount of dedication, practice, heart, and lung capacity to be able to chase clouds with the best of them. Being the already infirm underachievers we are, we’ve decided to stick to what we do best and report on the vaping tattoo community from outside the hot box, where you can still experience all the entertainment and breathe while you're at it.

Some vaping supplies by Benni (IG—bloodlinetattooco). #Benni #Vape #traditional
Bowser vaping by JJ Tedtaotao (IG—jj_tedtaotao). #Bowser #illustrative #JJTedtaotao #vape
Mario vaping by JH Cruz (GI—jh_dela_cruz). #illusrative #JHCruz #Mario #vape
A vape zombie by Kayne Anders (IG—kayneanders). #KayneAnders #newschool #vape #zombie
A skull and vape-bones by Ted Coburn (IG—luckyted_tbr). #skull #TedCoburn #traditional #vape
A vape tattoo by Spencer Webb (IG—spencer_saltcity). #SpencerWebb #traditional #vape

To see more killer body art, make sure to follow all of these tattooists on Instagram, and if you’re also into competitive vaping, have one of the design a vape pen tattoo for you.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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