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The Destructured Tattoos Of Mattia Mambo

The Destructured Tattoos Of Mattia Mambo
Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Mattia Mambo has created a unique pop-inspired strain of colorful minimalist tattoos.

Mattia Mambo has invented a new style of tattoos that he calls "destrutturato," which translates to destructured in English. These outstanding pieces have a boiled down pop art aesthetic and are notable for their simple yet striking abstraction. In each of them, Mambo preserves the bold outline of his primary figure and them abstracts its color in a way the runs contrary to the object itself. The deconstructive aesthetic of these tattoos is difficult to describe, but just have a look at a few, and you'll get the idea behind their name.

Looking at Mambo's portfolio, one can see how destructured tattoos grey out of his spin on traditional and Japanese tattoos. Taking a new artistic direction, he kept the solid lines and bold colors of the old school and created more graphic designs. Now, most of Mambo's tattoos are a mixture of minimalism, pop, and wit. They are kitsch as can be, the perfect amalgamation of high and lowbrow art.

Mambo deconstructs all sorts of imagery. One of his favorite subjects is food of all things. He enjoys taking produce like carrots and turnips and turning them inside out. Burgers, sandwiches, and beers are also on the menu of the culinary imagery that he's abstracted in such a fun way. He also makes destructured depictions of flowers and animals. Some of his work in this style is even on the naughtier end of things, featuring sex organs and other erotic iconography.

Should you want on of Mambo's destructured bangers, he works at Lodo Tattoo studio and can be reached at for booking. To be inspired by more of his original designs, follow him him on Instagram.

Written byJenTheRipper

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