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The Macabre Black And Grey Tattoos of Neon Judas

The Macabre Black And Grey Tattoos of Neon Judas
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David Rinklin creates black and grey tattoos that will give you night terrors for the rest of your life.

David Rinklin is a German tattoo artist who goes by the name of Neon Judas. A musician, artist, and tattooist, Rinklin creates bone-chilling black and grey tattoos. Pushing the limits of body art and realism on a daily basis, they turns images of death into beautiful and often unnerving tattoos. So, get ready to never sleep again, because here's a nightmare's worth of their ghastly compositions.

The extreme level of contrast in Rinklin's work is what makes it so outstanding and utterly terrifying. Each of their pieces features pitch black backgrounding, making their freakish figures appear as if they're creeping out of the shadows. 

Rinklin specializes in designing haunting imagery such as skulls, demons, murder scenes, and more. In short, they brings the darkest part of the human imagination to life on people's skin. 

Check the rest of David Rinklin's portfolio on Instagram. Should you want an absolutely horrifying tattoo of your own, have them design it for you. He can be contacted via their Facebook page.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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