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The Only Guide For Tattoo Aftercare You Will Ever Need

The Only Guide For Tattoo Aftercare You Will Ever Need
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Follow these essential tips in caring for your newest addition...

Now that you've left the parlor, it's your job to maintain the healing of your beautiful new piece. 

Where do I start?

Keep the bandage on for a minimum of two hours.

What should I use?

Your new tattoo needs to breathe to promote the healing process — which is why most professional tattooers will recommend lotions, butters, or natural oils free of synthetic chemicals, ointments and fragrances that often clog and suffocate the pores and act as irritants to broken skin. The more organic & natural, the better for your tattoo, which brings us to our personal favorite healing method...

Coconut oil for the win.

What to avoid...

The Sun

Tight-fitting clothing 


Picking and Scrubbing



Professional tattoo artists do everything possible to ensure safe tattooing practices. However, they are not medical professionals. 

So there you have it. By following all of this aftercare advice your brand new tattoo will soon mature into a phenomenally healed tattoo. Admittedly this is a lot to do, but considering that you're going to have that tattoo for the rest of your life what's a couple of weeks of paying close attention in the grand scheme of things?

Jessica Paige
Written byJessica Paige

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