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The Sucky Panther and Its Many Makeovers

The Sucky Panther and Its Many Makeovers
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Internet ridicule turned one of the world's worst tattoos into more than just a joke, but an entire trend for tattooers to play with.

The following sentiment has been expressed so many times at this point that feels like a cliché, but that doesn't mean that it isn't 100% accurate — the internet is a really weird place. 

This one reminds us of He-Man's sidekick Battle Cat (or really, Cringer). (Via IG - chuckdenise_tattoo)
This Sucky Panther is out of this world. (Via IG - doubleodevin19_
Oh look, it's a sucky leopard thing with horns! (Via IG - drew_ism)
This is what happens when you combine the Sucky Panther with some weed and Swiss cheese. (Via IG - itfitz80_

Starting with the template of the Sucky Panther, which looks like one of the gargoyles from Ghostbusters in my humble opinion, tattooists add their own touches and flare, all the while turning something ugly into something beautiful. Well, "beautiful" may be taking things a little too far, but these tattoos are certainly hilarious. 

Were you ever attracted to the Sucky Panther when he would dress up like a girl panther? Yeah, me neither. (Via IG - jamesaitken_bsyt)
A kickass blastover. (Via IG - steinfisk)
Rawr, indeed. (Via IG - theeazeyartist)
Pimpin ain't easy for a Sucky Panther. (Via IG - cleenrockone)
This is so true. It turns out we love the sucky little guy. (Via IG - winterswell808)
The one that started it all.

If you are looking to get your own tricked out version of the Sucky Panther, we highly recommend checking out each of these artists on their Instagram. And if you already have one that you want to share with the community please go ahead and upload it to the Tattoodo app with the #SuckyPanther. 

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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