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'The Tattoo Shop' Artist Spotlight: David Peyote

'The Tattoo Shop' Artist Spotlight: David Peyote

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In this artist spotlight for 'The Tattoo Shop' we take a look at the life and times of David Peyote.

In Episode 8 of 'The Tattoo Shop' David Peyote is the skateboarding tattoo artist extraordinaire that sends off this last guest artist spot of Season 1 with a bang! Resident artist at Imperial Tattoo Connexion in Montreal, David is known for his highly surrealist and hallucinogenic tattoos. “As for my style I like to include realism. I like to include a lot of basic shapes, which reminds me of graphic design….psychedelic stuff. Acid trip, mushroom stuff.” The end product is one of vivid, bold colors, with a thick, inky black foundation, and gorgeous tattoos so clean you'd think it was a sticker. 

Looking at David's portfolio it's very clear that each piece is very specific to the person. Like all great art, the details, colors, and images he includes tell a story, or emote a feeling. “I like to design tattoos to how I feel with the person when we meet and greet. I just like to make people feel's just cool to be able to design something that's part of the person, something that matches their personality.” Part of this is an ongoing evolution of his work as he tries, with each piece, to be a better and stronger artist. Lately, he says, “I've been working a lot with contrast. I feel like contrast is the most important thing in tattooing...don't be scared to put outlines, don't be scared to use a lot of black.” 

From pop culture icons like Stevie Wonder, to film star favorites like Uma Thurman, and even an awesome collection of Rick and Morty tattoos, David's portfolio is like a consistent waterfall of marvelous eye popping goodness. And although he didn't start out as a tattoo artist, he's glad that his choices have led him to this point. One of the most prolific artists in the tattoo community, when asked why he does what he does his answer is straight to the point. “Why do I tattoo?? I've tried expressing myself on paper but it's not the thing for me. I tried expressing myself on walls; it didn't work. Human skin was the most amazing thing I've encountered.” 

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