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Through the Jeweler's Loupe: A Closer Look at Digby and Iona

Through the Jeweler's Loupe: A Closer Look at Digby and Iona
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Meet Aaron Ruff, the designer and creative force behind your new favorite jewelry line.

Ask anyone in the world if they’d prefer shopping for jewelry over shopping for clothes, and regardless of gender, the answer the vast majority of the time will be yes, of course. Unlike clothes, jewelry almost always fits, and unless you’re buying cheaply made pieces, they will absolutely last you a lifetime. The best part about jewelry, though, is actually becoming well versed in the language and culture, and fully understanding the insane amount of artistry and depth of detail that goes into each and every piece. 

Kahlo Signet Ring by Digby and Iona (via IG-digbyandiona) #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #AaronRuff #FridaKahlo
Engagement Rings by Digby and Iona (via IG-digbyandiona) #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #diamonds #AaronRuff

An artist of many trades, Ruff initially set out to be a woodworker, creating hand-carved furniture. Unfortunately for him, there wasn’t much of a market for remarkably beautiful, albeit incredibly expensive furniture. Ruff says there was, however, a market for jewelry. Using his knowledge of furniture design, and having taken a few metal-smithing classes, Ruff abandoned his woodworking tools for a jeweler’s bench instead, and in 2006, Digby and Iona was born. 

Digby and Iona Studio. Photo by Jessica Paige #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #AaronRuff
Digby and Iona Signature Pieces Photo by Jessica Paige #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #AaronRuff
Signet by Digby and Iona (via IG-digbyandiona) #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #diamonds #AaronRuff

The same can be said about his line of engagement rings which often make use of stones that would otherwise be deemed flawed or undesirable. "Similarly to the signets [that] start with a phrase or a quote, and [are] then built around that, with the diamond rings, I start with the diamonds," Ruff says. "So I rarely come up with a design, and then try and fit diamonds into it.” 

Engagement Rings by Digby and Iona (via IG-digbyandiona) #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #diamonds #AaronRuff
Cufflinks, signets, and necklaces by Digby and Iona (via IG-digbyandiona) #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #diamonds #AaronRuff
Artist Aaron Ruff of Digby and Iona. Photo by Jessica Paige #jeweler #jewelry #digbyandiona #oneofakind #AaronRuff

So whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, or just a casual signet ring to treat yourself, Digby and Iona is one to consider. Artfully planned, and intricately designed, Digby and Iona’s rings are built to last a lifetime. Plus, you're supporting a fully local artist — your dollar goes further, and your gift becomes more meaningful. 

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