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Tipping Your Tattoo Artist

Tipping Your Tattoo Artist
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Some shops are cash only, and math is hard! Here are some tips for tipping.

Tattoodo is your number one destination for everything tattoos — finding a shop, preparing for your first tattoo, learning more about the tattoo community. Our guides are meant as a toolkit to help you be the best client and learn how to work with your tattoo artist to create the tattoo of your dreams. Remember: No matter what you read on the internet, your artist’s advice should be considered the gold standard.

Editor's Note: Our editorial team is based in the US. Most of us have grown up in a tipping economy where a little extra money shows appreciation for a service. We think throwing a little extra monetary love to your artist is a good practice, but if you're unsure, check your shop's policies! 

3. Your artist’s costs include more than just supplies.

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