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Top Illustrative Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles

Top Illustrative Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles

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On the lookout for a great Illustrative tattoo artist in Los Angeles? Discover 5 of our favorites below.

Whether you’re a West-coaster with a penchant for delicate Fineline tattoos or a travelling tattoo collector with a love for Dotwork, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Illustrative tattoo artists in Los Angeles, to help you find the perfect design for you.

Deven Brodersen: Arc Studios

Having worked as a resident artist elsewhere in LA for several years, Deven Brodersen set up his own private studio in March 2021. His career as a tattooist was borne from his general love of art, which included graffiti and acrylic painting, as well as ballpoint pen sketches.

Specialising in Fineline Blackwork, Deven has become known for his single needle Micro Realism portraits. His portfolio features striking images of the late American rapper Nispey Hussle, the infamous Pablo Escobar and Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine.

He also tattoos butterflies, florals, mythical creatures, planes, cars and larger pieces too. So, if you love intricate Fineline designs, Deven is definitely one of the top Illustrative artists in Los Angeles to consider.

Migdy: Guru Tattoo

Originally from Puerto Rico, Migdy is a travelling Illustrative tattooist working out of several studios across the US, including Guru Tattoo not far from LA. When she’s not tattooing, she also specialises in landscape and lifestyle photography, resin art and painting.

Her tattooing style is minimalist Blackwork, with a focus on botanical pieces. She also tattoos flowers, geometric mandalas and animal skulls, using fine lines, Dotwork and minimal amounts of shading.

Read more about Migdy in her interview!

Anna Chernova: Horror Tattoo

Affectionately known as “Horror Tattoo” in the industry, Russian tattooist Anna Chernova has her own studios in both LA and Moscow. With a background in art and design, over 8 years in the tattooing industry and a permanent spot at some of the world’s most renowned tattoo conventions, Anna is easily one of the best Illustrative tattoo artists in Los Angeles.

Her custom Black and Grey designs are incredibly unique. Everything from her Realistic portraits to anatomical pieces, pocket watches and animal designs, are almost entirely made up of dots. Even the shading is done using her own Dotwork and whip shading technique. Go check her out!

Eye tattoo by Anna Chernova #AnnaChernova #eye #sun #maze #blackandgrey #realism

Konstantin: Sashatattooing Studio

Having loved drawing as a child, Konstantin fell into tattooing after trying his hand at the art in Military School. Several years later, he quit university and moved to Moscow to hone his skill. He has since become one of the top freehand Illustrative tattoo artists on the West coast and is married to none other than Horror Tattoo herself.

Working from his own imagination, many of Konstantin’s designs are drawn directly onto his client’s skin without the use of a stencil. His dark swirling graphics mimic vines or smoke, and are very mysterious and thought-provoking. In addition, he tattoos animals, skulls, demons and geometric-cyber themed pieces, all with a slightly abstract feel.

Nora Ink: Sashatattooing Studio

Nora Lyashko, aka Nora Ink, was born in the Ukraine and now works at Sashatattooing alongside Konstantin. Prior to tattooing, she took painting classes and studied a degree in Industrial Design. However, tattooing became her hobby when she was gifted a tattoo machine for her 18th birthday. She was later invited to work at Sashatattooing Studio in St. Petersburg, before moving to the US.

In contrast to her degree work, Nora’s tattooing style is delicate and feminine. Her signature designs are her watercolour peonies in pastel tones, but she also incorporates other florals, snakes and Dotwork mandalas into her work. As a Fineline artist working primarily in colour, Nora Ink is one of the most unique and in demand Illustrative tattoo artists in Los Angeles.

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