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UFC Fighter Mark Hunt Gets a Haunting New Chest Tattoo

UFC Fighter Mark Hunt Gets a Haunting New Chest Tattoo
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Black and Grey realism master Chris Showstoppr tattooed a mystical trio of skeleton samurais on the UFC heavyweight.

After spending so many punishing years in the octagon, one would think that UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt would be almost immune to pain by now. But even one of the world’s most hardened badass shutters with fear at having his nipples tattooed. “No, no bro,” Hunt pleaded with tattooer Chris Mata’afa (aka Chris Showstoppr) after being told the nipple was next during a Facebook live. “Please, you said you weren’t going to do it, cuz.”

Mata’afa showed mercy and stayed away from Hunt’s sensitive areas as he worked for roughly 10 hours to finish an intense black and grey chest piece. If you thought that the fighter who calls himself the Super Samoan was imposing already, just imagine staring into the sockets of one of the skeleton samurais as you are being pounded on. No thank you.

If you are not familiar with the black and grey realism work of Mata’afa, it’s about time that you changed that. His tattoos are technically flawless, but what really makes him stand out is the ingenuity behind his designs. Many of his tattoos, including Hunt’s chest piece, have a mystical quality to them, as if the design had been plucked directly out of a dream.

During the Facebook Q&A that took place as he was being tattooed, Hunt showed some bitterness about the loss he suffered against Alistair Overeem his last time out. “As you can see, I’ve still got a couple of injuries, my leg, my ribs are still broke from that steroid user,” he said. Wait, broken ribs? He got a 10 hour chest piece with broken ribs? Forget what we were saying about being afraid to get his nipple tattooed, Hunt is clearly a stone cold badass.

Hunt's stunning chest piece by Chris Mata'afa. (Via IG - markhuntfighter) #blackandgrey #skull #ufc
A collage showing a ton of Hunt's work. (Via - markhuntfighter) #blackandgrey #ufc
Checkmate. Tattoo by Chris Mata'afa. (Via - chris_showstoppr) #blackandgrey #surreal
A stunning portrait by Chris Mata'afa. (Via IG - chris_showstoppr) #blackandgrey #realism #surrealism
A frightening vision by Chris Mata'afa. (Via IG - chris_showstoppr) #blackandgrey #surrealism

Mata’afa tattoos out of Monarch Studios in Sydney, Australia, and can be found on Instagram.

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