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Unbelievably Flawless Mandala Tattoos by Bintt

Unbelievably Flawless Mandala Tattoos by Bintt

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

These mandalas are perfect in every single way.

This UK artist has mastered the art of the mandala.

Chris Bint, aka Bintt, creates epic mandalas filled with pattern perfection, dainty dotwork and sublime shading. Based at Silver Needles Tattoo in Southend-on-Sea (just outside of London), the artist also does guest spots up and down the UK.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris last week and watching him tattoo - what an honour! Looking at his portfolio of tattoos, the only way to describe them is perfect. Mandala tattoos require an immense skill, and in Chris' tattoos every single detail is flawless - every line, dot and section of shading. With designs this complicated and complex, if you look hard enough you may spot tiny imperfections... but not with Chris' tattoos.

All photos from Instagram.

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