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User Guide: Tattoodo for Tattoo Collectors and Clients

User Guide: Tattoodo for Tattoo Collectors and Clients
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Learn how to make bookings, browse for inspiration, and connect with artists on Tattoodo.

Are you a "tattoo collector" or are you a "client"? Do you prefer "tattoo hoarder" or "tattoo aficionado"? A tattoo collector may curate pieces from different artists around the globe, constantly getting new tattoos one by one. Other people may only want one or two, while others hoard their pieces from only one tattooist they think is the best. Keep in mind: we're inclusive of everybody. There isn't a "one size fits all" way to get tattooed!

Regardless of what category you feel connected to, Tattoodo is the new way to book a tattoo for everyone.

Whether you have an artist in mind or want us to help you find one; Tattoodo makes the process for getting inspiration and booking a tattoo easier. You can seamlessly find local artists and studios or explore new locations for when you’re traveling. Once you’ve found the right artist, studio, and inspiration, you can communicate about appointments. Plus, you’ll be able to securely send deposit payments beforehand.

You’ll know the what, when, where, and how of your appointment before you ever set foot inside a shop.

Visit the Explore tab and search/save your favorite images.

How does Tattoodo work for people who want to get a tattoo?

Inspiration & Browsing: With millions of tattoo images, you can browse and save inspiration for your next tattoo. By searching/selecting #tags, locations, artists, or styles, tattoo collectors can build tattoo boards that can serve as a launching point for your next appointment. With millions of tattoo images, you can browse and save inspiration for your next tattoo. By searching/selecting #tags, locations, artists, or styles, you can even build tattoo boards that can serve as a launching point for your next appointment. During the sign-up process, you’ll build your first board with styles and tattoos you like. To start searching after signing up, you can simply visit the tattoo section here on web, or in-app, visit the Explore tab and select/search a style.

To save or pin a tattoo, you just simply click on an image and choose an option of liking or pinning.

Save your favorite tattoos to your boards.

You can also see all of your likes, uploads, and boards in the Saved tab (along with saved artists & studios).

View your saved pins, uploads and boards.

Discovering Artists & Studios: After you’ve found the inspiration & saved relevant images, you are ready to discover and book artists or studios. This can either be in your area or when you’re traveling. In the explore tab, you can search for nearby artists/studios based on your location or in a different city.

Search for artists or browse cities.

After you’ve found your destination or hometown, you can select an artist you are interested in and follow their profile to see updates and uploads.

Visit the artist's profile.

You can then see all of your saved artists and studios in the Saved tab of the app.

View your saved artists in the Saved tab.

Making a Booking on Tattoodo: Once you’ve found your favorite tattoos, artists, or studios, it’s time to make a booking for your next appointment. As a client, you have two options for making a booking on the Book tab in app.

Fill out a brief or directly book an artist.

1) Tattoo brief: For when you want Tattoodo to help you find an artist in your area or next travel destination. You fill out a brief with location, date, placement, size, budget, and image references. Make sure to be realistic and up front about the price, size, and detail of your tattoo. The more information, the better.

Your request will then be sent out to artists that will contact you about your tattoo and work with you to set up an appointment.

Fill out the brief for an Open booking.

2) Direct booking: When you’ve found an artist that you know you want to create your next tattoo, you can visit their profile and directly submit a request to their profile. You’ll then be able to securely message with the artist and even pay deposit requests and accept digital calendar invites (same with Open bookings once a conversation has started).

Directly choose an artist for a consultation or appointment.

Or you can visit one of your “saved” artists profile directly and click on “Request Consultation” to fill out a form for that specific artist.

Visit the artist profile to request a consultation.

Messaging: Communicating honestly and efficiently is a key to making a booking on Tattoodo. Be practical with your time frame and make sure to quickly respond to artists.

Directly message with artists, securely in the app.

Booking on Instagram: Tattoodo artists all have the option of adding Tattoodo links to the Instagram profiles. Through this link, you can directly book an artist or add your name to their wait list.

Book through Instagram in a few clicks.

Client Support

Visit for more information. Or feel free to reach out via email to for any additional questions or support.

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