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Vivid and Vibrant: Ultra Colorful Tattoos

Vivid and Vibrant: Ultra Colorful Tattoos
Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

These super colorful tattoos are some serious eye candy. Anime ink, scenes from nature, famous works of art, and more await tattoo lovers!

It's totally a matter of taste and style. There are some out there, including the person writing this, that only get Blackwork or black and grey because...let's face it...those tattoos match every outfit. That may sound crazy, but it's just true. That being said, ultra vivid and vibrant colorful tattoos are the ultimate in eye candy! Sometimes ya just need a lil color in your life, ya know? And these pieces certainly provide that. From neon and florescent tones to a wonderful use of watercolor techniques, all of these ultra colorful tattoos will have your ogling them all day long.

There are so many different ways to use'd be surprised how many books and artists out there are obsessed with color theory and all of its uses! And it's true: color theory has a lot to do with how we perceive a work of art. "In the visual arts, colour theory or color theory is a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination." This includes tons of different information out there like colors that seem to "vibrate" when they are next to one another, or which colors make people feel certain things, and even simple color mixing. You may not notice it when you're looking at a work of art, but these things will certainly come into play for many creations!

That's what we love about these colorful tattoos! Each tattoo artist used their colors in such awesome creative ways, and we just can't stop staring! They really pop...and we know it's not because of filters. Steven Compton, well known for his pop culture pieces, is a real genius at using neons, just like Daria Stahp. Both of their work is completely different from each other in style and design, but they use ink like nobodies business. The same could be said of Hori Benny and Brando Chiesa. Their inky creations are packed full of color; most of the time the skin underneath doesn't show through at all!

Other tattoo artists like Zihee Gong Greem, and Lee, aka rat666tat, make colorful tattoos with a truly illustrative approach. Zihee's pieces are influenced by pop and graphic art as well as Hard-edge Painting. Hard Edge is painting in which abrupt transitions are found between color areas..this is why Zihee's tattoos are really delicious to look at. They pop like crazy, and each tone works with the others to make a seriously interesting composition that you can't stop staring at! Gong Greem like to do abstract work; tons of shapes, patterns, squiggles, and even Impressionist stylings depicting leaves, flowers, and other objects of nature. In this particular collection, Lee brings a famous paintings to life by Nicolas François Octave Tassaert, a French painter who loved allegory and symbolism. The painting Lee depicted in their own style is called "The Cursed Woman"....although, truth be told, she doesn't look that cursed to us. Cursed to a lifetime of pleasure, maybe!! Sign us up...

So even if colorful tattoos aren't your thing, and you'd prefer to check out Blackwork or black and grey instead, we're sure that these images can show you some inspo you didn't think you needed. Every sky needs a lil touch of color in a day!

Written byTattoodo

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