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When Fine Interior Design Meets Tattoo Studio: Atelier Eva

When Fine Interior Design Meets Tattoo Studio: Atelier Eva

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Eva Krbdk shares the philosophy behind the thoughtful curation of her new Williamsburg studio.

Renowned tattoo artist Eva Krbdk’s jaw-dropping miniature tattoo work is well worth the trip to her newly-opened tattoo studio, Atelier Eva in Brooklyn, New York, but her dedication to ensuring her clients undergo a positive, uplifting experience distinguishes the studio within a blossoming industry.
With all U.S. adults finally eligible for the vaccine, our opportunity to book tattoo appointments is once again a reality! As we ease our way back into public spaces, Atelier Eva is just what we need to restore our collective faith in humanity and our hope for intimate, meaningful interactions outside of our tight social circles and state-mandated bubbles.

Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

Every aspect of the space is thoughtfully designed and curated to emphasize the serene, tranquil potential that lies inherently, though all too often dormant, within the tattooing experience. 
“Ambience is so important to the tattoo experience” says Eva, a sentiment she’s clearly taken to heart as the leading coordinator of the overall design and layout of the studio.”
Eva’s selection of custom, hand-crafted furniture and lighting pops against the concrete walls. The overall effect is a serene, awe-inducing display of craft and artistry. The interior design complements the high level of quality within Eva’s world-renowned tattoo work, not to mention the skilled work offered by Atelier Eva’s additional roster of artists.

Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

“We wanted that ‘wow’ upon entry to quickly turn into relaxing on our furniture and reading through our design books,” Eva notes. “People often arrive in a very anxious state of mind, but leave feeling calm and smiling.”
Her intentional and functional approach to the interior design and layout of the space emphasizes a calming experience. And while many industries and businesses continue to struggle through the waning pandemic, Eva embraced the fact that Atelier Eva’s opening was put on hold and utilized that time to thoughtfully coordinate the finer details of the space. 
“We could take our time on some of the more nuanced creative decisions, and it really fostered a lot of gratitude for everyone who was still able to commit to us during such a volatile time,” says Eva.

Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

It would be all too easy to overlook the details amid the flurry of opening a new business, but Eva’s attention to details reveals itself in the tightly coordinated elements.
Lush woodwork by Cauv Design elevates and complements the raw industrial elements in the space, finely balanced along with the other details composing Atelier Eva’s interior. “Finding a custom furniture maker took a lot more time than I expected,” explains Eva. “For a while, there was a bit of Goldilocks syndrome with everyone we met...When we finally found Joe Cauvel in Redhook, Brooklyn, it was the perfect fit.”

Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

Cauvel hand-crafted and designed the benches and shelves within the entryway to perfectly fit within and around the angled structural interior steel beams. “He was happy to make several site visits to the studio, and handle everything from conception to installation. I couldn’t be happier with his work.” 
A custom collection of Matthew McCormick’s silver “Mila” pendants hang from the vaulted ceiling, illuminating the studio. “I fell in love with them, and knew they would be a perfect focal point for the space,” explains Eva, describing their “gentle curves of brushed steel cradling delicate, blown-glass orbs.” Based on McCormick’s pregnant wife, the pendants resemble an expectant mother holding her stomach; a subtle but personal inspiration behind the modern design. The pieces enhance the open natural light provided by the large windows for an overall well balanced and comfortably lit interior.

Matthew McCormick 'Mila" pendant in Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #MatthewMcCormick #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

Custom-commissioned and perched prominently in the studio, Murat Palta’s ornate, intricately illustrated work easily allures viewers through its beautiful scenery; a contemporary take on the centuries-old tradition of Turkish miniature painting. Combining hand-crafted ornate elements and textures with hands-on digital drawing and juxtaposition, Palta creates distinctly contemporary works using timeless elements much in a fashion that parallels Eva’s approach to tattooing.
Just as American or Japanese-Traditional tattooers carefully pay homage to their roots and practices culturally and visually, Eva graciously pays credit to her own Turkish heritage and roots, an influential factor in commissioning Palta to produce the studio’s centerpiece.

Painting by Murat Palta in Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #MuratPalta #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

“Growing up, my grandmother was always hand-making ornate embroidery. It’s pretty customary for young women to learn this skill from their grandmothers in Turkey,” explains Eva. “As a result, tiny cross-stitch patterns were among the first tattooing styles that I embraced.”
“Today, I’m probably best known for my miniature work in tattooing, which I can also partly attribute to her influence. She loved vibrant colors and tiny details, paying close attention to every individual thread,” much as Eva must certainly have to focus on laying down ink in her tattoos.

Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

Eva has blended her many loves and devotions into an atmosphere that’s hard to rival; it’s a Zen-like space that suits artist and client needs. Atelier Eva is a beautiful example of how modern studios are evolving to embrace the highest quality of design creativity through every medium imaginable.

Atelier Eva founded by Eva Krbdk #AtelierEva #EvaKrbdk

Hunter Hancock
Written byHunter Hancock

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