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Sacred Gold Tattoo

Next week


I was born in the UK but raised in Spain, and I have always been interested in the arts. As a child, I loved painting, sculpting and drawing. Before getting into tattoos, I was a graphic designer for 2 years which I think has helped me tremendously in designing compositions for my pieces. I started tattoing at the beginning of the pandemic and I can't imagine ever giving it up! I specifically fell in love with handpoke tattoos, which is the original and authentic technique of tattooing. For me, fine-line, simple, and back-to-basics is the best approach. I feel inspired by nature and anything celestial, which really shows through in my work. I specialise in ornamental and permanent jewellery on fingers, ears and toes. Many tattoo artists tend to prefer tattooing other parts of the body, but I find the challenge of creating these delicate accessories is worth it both for me and for my clients!



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