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Ali Bloom

Leviticus Tattoo Emporium

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Hi I’m Ali! I have 9 years of experience in tattooing and I now offer semi-permanent make-up tattooing too. I work at two studios in Essex, one being with a direct link to central London. I specialise in feminine tattoos, ornamental and stipple shaded pieces.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

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Unique blackwork tattoo by Ali Bloom featuring a seashell and snail motif, beautifully illustrated.Discover the mesmerizing beauty of blackwork ornamental tattoo art by the talented artist Ali Bloom.Embrace the dark allure of a stunning illustrative snake tattoo by the talented artist Ali Bloom. A timeless piece of art for your skin.Beautiful dotwork design of a vase with intricate floral details by tattoo artist Ali Bloom. Perfect for lovers of fine line and illustrative tattoos.Explore the intricate beauty of this ornamental blackwork tattoo by renowned artist Ali Bloom. Featuring detailed dotwork designs, this piece is a true masterpiece.Discover the mesmerizing world of dotwork, fine line, and ornamental designs intricately woven into a geometric pattern by the talented artist Ali Bloom.Get hypnotized by this stunning illustrative snake tattoo, expertly crafted by Ali Bloom. Embrace your wild side with this mesmerizing design.Experience the intricate beauty of a fine line and ornamental dotwork vine tattoo created by the talented artist Ali Bloom.Get mesmerized with Ali Bloom's stunning dotwork design, bringing ornamental beauty to life on your skin.Embrace the beauty of nature with this intricate blackwork tattoo featuring a moth, vine, and branch. By talented artist Ali Bloom.Discover a stunning blackwork tattoo featuring a unique abstract flower design, executed with precise dotwork and fine line techniques by the talented artist Ali Bloom.Adorn your skin with Ali Bloom's intricate and delicate floral vine design, perfect for those who appreciate fine line and ornamental tattoos.
Unique dotwork and fine line style with an illustrative motif of tea pot pattern, beautifully done by Ali Bloom.Experience the enchanting beauty of a black and gray moth tattoo, intricately designed with dotwork and fine line details by the talented artist Ali Bloom.Stunning butterfly tattoo by Ali Bloom, combining intricate dotwork and fine line details for a unique illustrative style.Unique blackwork and dotwork design by Ali Bloom featuring a geometric snake intertwined with a delicate flower motif.Get a stylish minimalist cowboy boots tattoo with dotwork and fine line techniques by Ali Bloom.Get inked with a delicate fine line ear cuff design by Ali Bloom. Perfect for a subtle yet stylish look.Explore the dark and detailed world of blackwork tattoos with this illustrative beetle design crafted by the talented artist Ali Bloom.Adorn yourself with a delicate floral fine line tattoo featuring a beautiful vine and leaf motif, created by the talented artist Ali Bloom.Capture the beauty of nature with this delicate floral tattoo by Ali Bloom, featuring a lemon tree branch with intricate details.Experience the stunning detail and precision of Ali Bloom's blackwork and dotwork ornamental tattoo design.Experience exquisite precision with Ali Bloom's dotwork design, creating a stunning ornamental blackwork tattoo.Experience the art of cooking with a stunning dotwork and illustrative tattoo featuring mushrooms, peppers, garlic by Ali Bloom.
ABAli Bloom
Ali Bloom