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Anna Jordan

Aurora Bloom Tattoo

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Specialising in flora, fauna and fantasy, I have worked as a professional tattoo artist in London for the past 5 years. Offering the highest quality tattoos, I am based at a beautiful studio in Marylebone and regularly attend conventions across the country.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:80 GBP
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Beautiful black and gray tattoo by Anna Jordan, featuring a delicate butterfly surrounded by intricate floral and star details.Intricate and mystical black and gray dotwork design featuring a floral motif with evil eye detail. Created with precision by the talented artist Anna Jordan.Detailed illustration of a beetle and skull done in black and gray by tattoo artist Anna Jordan.Explore the intricate beauty of Anna Jordan's blackwork, dotwork, and illustrative style with this stunning tattoo featuring a fox and fruit motif.Elegant black and gray butterfly design by Anna Jordan, combining fine line work and illustrative elements.Unique blackwork and dotwork design by artist Anna Jordan, blending traditional and contemporary styles.Unique blackwork and dotwork design by Anna Jordan combining dainty flowers and a vintage vase. A perfect blend of beauty and sophistication.Exquisite black and gray dotwork and fine line tattoo by Anna Jordan featuring a fierce tiger and elegant bamboo design.A delicate black and gray fine line tattoo featuring a sad face intertwined with a beautiful flower, expertly done by tattoo artist Anna Jordan.Get mesmerized by Anna Jordan's dotwork and neo-traditional illustrative style tattoo featuring a mystical lady fairy.Bold and vibrant neo traditional tiger design with fiery flames, expertly executed by Anna Jordan.A stunning black and gray tattoo featuring a dreamy lady with her head in the clouds, expertly done by the talented artist Anna Jordan.
Beautiful black and gray illustrative tattoo featuring a skull surrounded by intricate floral details by Anna Jordan.Exquisite black and gray design by Anna Jordan featuring a stunning floral hand motif.Unique black and gray design by Anna Jordan, showcasing a detailed pomegranate motif through dotwork and blackwork techniques.Capture the beauty of the night sky with this illustrative black_and_gray tattoo by Anna Jordan.Experience the power and grace of a Japanese dragon brought to life in intricate black and gray illustrative style by the talented artist Anna Jordan.Capture the beauty of the milky way with this illustrative galaxy tattoo by Anna Jordan. Perfect for star gazers and space enthusiasts.Experience the delicate beauty of fine line floral tattoos with this stunning botanical piece by renowned artist Anna Jordan.Exquisite black and gray design by Anna Jordan featuring a delicate frog and flower motif.Embrace the mystique with Anna Jordan's illustrative snake design. Bold yet elegant, this tattoo will make a statement.Embrace your dark side with this hauntingly beautiful black and gray dotwork tattoo by Anna Jordan.Get inked with Anna Jordan's intricate blackwork and fine line design featuring a charming frog and mushroom motif.Get a stunning black and gray dotwork tattoo of your beloved pet by the talented artist Anna Jordan.
AJAnna Jordan
Anna Jordan