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CHCarl Hallowell

Carl Hallowell

Heart in Hand Gallery

Dallas, Texas


Carl Hallowell is proudly tattooing the Dallas, Texas area from its heart and soul in Deep Ellum. He specializes in traditional Japanese tattooing at the premium level. With 25 years of experience tattooing, he is nonetheless an active student of Shodai Horikoi of Toyohashi, Japan, and an authorized member of the Horikoi Family. Therefore, the tools, techniques, and designs Carl utilizes are informed and influenced by a living legend Japanese tattoo Master. Carl is proud to provide classic work inspired by the great tradition of Japanese Tattoo and the very essence of the art of Irezumi. His work is an exercise in applying the hidden secrets of the Japanese tattoo, including its methodology, ethics, soul, and codified, archetypal images.



Japanese (Irezumi)
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CHCarl Hallowell
Carl Hallowell