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CHCoryn Higgins

Coryn Higgins

Blood Craft Tattoo Studio

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Add me on Facebook and Instagram ❤️ Instagram: @coryn_higgins_tattoo (Those are the best ways to contact me ) I work at a private studio in Rancho Cucamonga ❤️



Black & Gray
Dark Art
New School
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Portrait of a clients daughter from awhile back ☺️Really fun portait of pennywise i did today ❤️ the girl at the bottom is my clients daughter, it was so cool to put her in the piece 😊  doing color and black and grey horror portait deals the whole month of october ! Message me to save a spot ! 😊
Black and grey portait of Marilyn Monroe today ❤️
Medusa portait ❤️
Video of the Darth Maul portait i did ❤️
Video of the bride of frankenstien portait from awhile back ❤️
Portrait of Heath Ledgers Joker ❤️ Half of it is healed ❤️ Had soooo much fun with it ! Really wanting to do more color portaits❤️
Added this chucky today ❤️ other 2 healed portraits also by me ❤️
Tupac portrait from awhile back ☺️Pennywise portrait from awhile back 🙂 Color portait of a clients mom ❤️
Stitch ❤️ Super fun disney piece ❤️
Working on a color sleeve ❤️
Black and Grey piece from awhile back ❤️
Nipsey Hussle portait from today ❤️❤️
Fun little mermaid portrait from today ! ❤️ its a bit red, sorry i couldnt get a better pic 😂 but i had alot of fun with it :)
CHCoryn Higgins
Coryn Higgins