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No Regrets Tattoo



Tattooing since 2015 I really enjoy to do traditional styles including American and Japanese. I love to draw and paint tattoo flash and have hundreds of designs to chose from. Book online now at or click my website link!



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Dark Art
Japanese (Irezumi)
Trash Polka Style


Hour rate:120 USD
Min. rate:120 USD
About the Artist

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Tiny flowers Bright lil shroomer! Crystals and waves Death moth Death in the back seat…Add this rad mermaid to my buddy’s arm Healed PMA and Healed Heart Smashed out this sharpie Plague Doc! One of my paintings turned tattoo. Booking for August - December online now! Memorial tattoo for his Father.Traditional wolf all black ink. No wash just whipsGetting custom as fuck with sharpie! Drawn on skeleton rose check out more details on at fuggin rad Goliath beetle!
Classic traditional betrayal Drawn on with a sharpie phresh and new custom for a very awesome clientNightwing after Jock Chose violence Ticking time bomb!Healed ferret skeleton ouroboros Dragon Ball! Oklahoma Sunset filter for this working class tattoo Spooky pin-ups are always welcome in my booth! One shot bangerDrawn on skeleton rose! Love picking away at gritty details check out more details on at watercolor tattoo