Half sleeve of Panther inspired by Oriental tattoo

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Position & Size

Arm    Large ( bigger than 6in / 15cm)

Design brief

Okay let's try this again. A total rewrite of what i would like. I have a panther with some green highlights on my right arm it is 6” high and 3” wide on my bicep.
I would like a half sleeve (front and back, elbow to shoulder) to add to the design. I would like it to include roses and somewhere in the design I'd like my Date of Birth in Roman Numerals III.IX.MCMLXXX
I like the oriental tiger sleeves and am looking for something similar. I'd prefer the details to be western though with Roses instead of Orchids maybe a snake could be included opposite the Panther, however the wind and waves usually used as filler is fine as it's only shapes.
I'm happy to be guided by your expertise as to what will and won't work. I'd like the piece to be as complete as possible and all tie-in nicely. I would prefer it to be mainly in Black and Greys but I'd be willing to have some sporadic colour and please feel free to add any other elements that you feel will help to bring out the design.
I have provided a shot of my existing tattoo the circumference of my lower arm is 9 3/4" and upper arm is 10 3/4" and from the top of my Shoulder to my Elbow is 15". The Rose pictures are the kind of style I like.
I know I'm asking quite a lot, hopefully you'll all rise to the challenge and someone will create my perfect piece. Now all that’s left is for all you talented people to wow me! Any queries please contact me.

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more ideas to provide inspiration for your designs and styles I like. The sleeves are the type of spacing I'd like. Excample tiger tattoo's are the kind of thing I'm after but wioth more western style than oriental, think roses instead of Orchids and the like.