Sleeve in Realistic Trash Polka style

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Position & Size

Arm    Large ( bigger than 6in / 15cm)

Design brief

Since I want to get a sleeve I need some sketch ideas, and I'm looking for a tattoo in the Realistic Trash Polka style.
My inspiration and thoughts can be seen in these pictures (pic1.png and pic2.png). What I like about these are, the artistic style where shadows and lines are floating together. How a small detail like the spider can make such a big difference in the whole picture. I like the idea of when an artist can go all out in the creativity.
I've would like to "replace" the lady from pic1.png - with the look of the lady seen in pic3.png. But I would like to have her in profile, similar to the lady in pic1.png. The skull and roses are not that important for me, but could be implemented as a part of the tattoo, mostly likely placed on top of the portrait to create a whole picture.
I also fancy the clock from pic2.png and the fact that is partly hidden in the tattoo. And in a way I would also like to implement the flowers from the picture magnolia.png (in the lower part of the sleeve). Whether to include the birds or not, I'm not quite sure (but if they can make the tattoo complete as a neat detail, I would like to implement them).
As for texting I would like sentence "reroute to remain" somewhere and the word "everlong" somewhere else. If you would have some creative word/words I'm happy to hear about them!
As for which font to be used I'm a big fan of "Typewriter" but if you have an better idea of what would suit better, I'm open for ideas.

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