I want a badass, realistic Grim Reaper

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Position & Size

Arm    Large ( bigger than 6in / 15cm)

Design brief

I have been in the Army for 17 years and have deployed to the Middle East five times. I have seen a lot and have experienced a lot. I've been surrounded by death for awhile and am looking for something that brings that to life.
I want a Grim Reaper, prefrably full length to go on my left arm. I am looking for it to take up the whole arm and have the following:
- First, needs to have a true element of realism, as if people could almost touch it or feel like it was really staring at them.
- Needs to be grotesque, scary. No cartoonish types, needs to exude that essence of fear, lack of humanity, that sense of death
- Details; needs to have fine line detail, good outline, good balance and eveness
- Design, once tattooed should get the reaction of "Oh my God, that looks amazing, almost like it's really right there. That's the detail and realism I am looking for.
I want there to be a feeling of death is coming and things are closing in around you with darkness and fear.
Additionally, I welcome an element of military (Army) since I have been in for 17 years and have seen more death than I ever wanted to. THis piece means quite a bit to me for a number of reasons. For the ones i've lost, for the ones I've taken and for the one true certainty in life, that no matter what, we all have to meet the Reaper at some point or another, just depends on the terms.

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None of these really depicts fully what I am envisioning but all have some small aspects within it.