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Master the Classics

Master the Classics

Pick up tips and tricks from our ongoing art class roster with some of the industries finest.

Previous Episodes

Dansin: Dance of the Ghost Flame

Feed the fires of inspiration with this tutorial on flames.

Dansin: Legendary Oni

Take your formidable Oni to the next level with this class by Dansin.

Dansin: The Earth Spider and Octopus

A two for one tutorial on your favorite 8-legged invertebrates.

Dansin: Terrifying Tengu

A tutorial on producing both types of top notch Tengu.

Dansin: Bodhidharma the Daruma

Learn the legend and the skills to design the lucky Daruma.

Dansin: The Yowling Yūrei

Dansin shares details on depicting a ghastly Japanese ghost.

Dansin: Cucumber Lovin’ Kappa

A class on designing the best Kappa creations.

Chris Garver: Outrageous Oni

Chris illustrates the essentials to developing a truly demonic oni.

Chris Garver: A Vision of Freedom

A powerful design, Garver presents how to build up the best eagles.

Valerie Vargas: Back to the Roots

A tutorial on stellar hairstyles to get your girl heads glam on.

Chris Garver: The Sailors Symbol

Chris shows how to make your swallows soar.

Anka Lavriv: Remain Untamed

A tutorial on tigers in Illustrative style, taught by Anka Lavriv.

Chris Garver: The Great Wave

Make a splash with Chris’s tutorial on riveting waves.

Chris Garver: The Guardian

The ferocious foo dog deserves focus; Chris shows you how.

Chris Garver: Hell Hath No Fury...

Like a woman scorned. A Garver guide to turning your Hannya hostile.

Chris Garver: Gone Fishin'

Cast your creative line in on Chris's crucial Koi tutorial.

Chris Garver: Front-Facing Skulls

Face this tutorial head on to improve your skull skills.

Chris Garver: King Of Flowers

Loosen up with Garver’s hot favorite as he breaks down the process of peonies.

Chris Garver: Rumble in The Jungle

Tackle the traditional technique of four classic animal heads.

Chris Garver: Ancient Deaths

Get a grasp on Garver’s nuanced Japanese styled skulls.

Chris Garver: Sacred Sakura

Garver unveils how to bring the iconic cherry blossom to life.

Chris Garver: Golden Flower

We learn how to take on the toughest flower, the Chris-anthemum way.

Chris Garver: Ride or Die

Cruise through Chris’ class on how to turn out a real deal biker skull.

Chris Garver: Symbol of Passion

Pay homage to a symbol of passion in the first installment of Garver’s art class series.

Joao Bosco: Serpent Garden

Explore the method Bosco employs in executing snakes, skulls & chrysanthemums

Anderson Luna: Divine Protector

Anderson Luna shows you how to do justice to the power, beauty, and cultural importance of the Hindu Goddess Kali.

Claudia De Sabe: Myths of the Ancient

Learn the method in Claudia’s approach to Greece’s most menacing Gorgon.

Delia Vico: Pro Penmanship

Delia Vico shows you how to artfully adapt Gothic graffiti and Calligraphic script for tattoos.

Rob Borbas: Grim & Godless

A tutorial on anatomy and the conceptual characteristics Rob uses to create foreboding creatures.

Goks: Neo-Traditional Portraiture

Goks ‘spills the tea’ in a drawing demonstration on the dazzling faces of drag.

Tamara Santibanez: Polished Metal, Leather Luster

Tamara shows how to give the ultimate glow to various illustrated materials.

Bill Canales: Enter The Dragon

A demonstration on the iconic mythological creature of Irezumi symbology and design.

Rose Hardy: Girls, Girls, Girls

Rose Hardy guides us through some tips and tricks to turn girl heads from basic to gorgeous.

Megan Massacre: Furry Friends

Learn color and shading processes for realistic pet portraiture in this live tutorial by Megan Massacre.

Dansin: Yokai Parade

Students will learn how to breathe life into imaginative creatures using a stylistic approach.

Chris Garver: Tiger Style

Brush up on your big cats with Chris Garver.

Chris Garver: Snakes & Scales

This tutorial features drawing techniques and execution tips for one of Garver’s specialties... snakes.