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Guess What? Hey Arnold’s Voice Actor Is A Tattooed Hunk

Remember Arnold from Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold? Well, here he is now—all tattooed and bearded. Damn!

The Creative Neo Traditional Tattoos Of Jonathan Penchoff

Neo traditional tattoos with a geek and fantasy twist are the best! If you agree with that, you need to know Jonathan Penchoff, also known as Earthgrasper. This American tattoo artist is working at Golden Rule Tattoo and is from Phoenix, Arizona. While travelling, the skilled artist is creating unique tattoos with slightly esoteric references, greek culture…

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Spotlight: The Dark And Badass Tattoos Of Julian Siebert

The work of Julian Siebert, also known as Corpsepainter, is jaw-dropping. This German tattoo artist, based in Munich, is famous worldwide for his impressive large scale pieces. His back pieces, sleeves and bodysuits are stupefying tattoo lovers. It must be said that Julian masters many badass style: biomechanical, realistic horror and sumptuous black and grey…

Striking Antonio Mora Tattoos And Art For Inspiration

Antonio Mora tattoos are inspired by the breath-taking work of this Spanish artist. Mora is creating gorgeous double exposure photographs with portraits and landscapes or landmarks. You can admire (and buy) his work here. The fusion of harmonious human faces and wonders of the world is triggering wanderlust. The surrealistic beauty of his creations is…

15 Mystic Flower Of Life Tattoos

Sacred geometry lovers are familiar with flower of life tattoos. This specific geometric pattern can be found in many religions, place of the world, and history of art. Often included in tattoos, both geometric, sacred and classic designs, it is a very positive symbol. It symbolizes the creation of life, both in a spiritual and scientific way…

Spotlight: Sexy Black And Grey By Jak Connolly

If you are into black and grey and realistic tattoos, Sullen tattoo artist Jak Connolly is your man. This British master is creating some of the most sensual female portraits of the world… Using morphing techniques, he combines the face of gorgeous women with other elements. His skills allow him to give life to smoke…

12 Nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche Tattoos

Intellectuals are getting tattoos too, and when they do, they often get Friedrich Nietzsche tattoos… Yes, they get the portrait of this famous philosopher inked! A 19th century German thinker, Nietzsche is famous for his dark vision of our world and criticism of christianity. Two main notions of his philosophy and books are especially famous:…

7 Fabulous And Fierce Tattooed Drag Superstars

These 7 gorgeous drag superstars are turning heads with their ink and their fierce modern take on drag.

16 Fantastic Kingfisher Tattoos

Kingfisher tattoos are truly admirable. First, this small bird is sporting extraordinary colors and shiny feathers. And indeed, it is an impressive hunter, capturing fishes underwater at incredible speed… It’s the dream of a wildlife photographer to capture their catch on picture. But tattoo artists are also eager to immortalize the noble animal. Realism masters…

Throwback To The Tribal Tattoos Of The 90’s

Either you love em or hate em... We’re taking a look back at tribal tattoos of the 90's!

Tania Catclaw: Geometry Meets Watercolor

Among rising talents of contemporary tattoo art, we are very glad to introduce you to Tania Catclaw (unless, you are already a fan of this artist!). Based in Lisbon, Portugal, at El Diablo tattoo shop, this young lady is creating adorable body art. Inspired by nature and animal realm, she mixes sketch style, geometry and…

Indian Larry: The Big Chief Of Tattooed Bikers

Indian Larry is a motorcycle hand-craftsman from NY, who has inspired artists with his "Question Everything" philosophy.

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Since I'm new to the tattoo world I was a bit afraid to try, and since I'm a bit picky too I thought I would just pay for something that wouldn't meet my expectations. I couldn't be more wrong! The community is totally awesome! I will definitely recommend Tattoodo and I'll definitely get more from them again in the future!

- Filipe Serra, Serpins, PT

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Within days some superb entries came in and I interacted with Artists on their thoughts and ideas. The final winner of my contest was an amazing design that was really 'me' and unlike anything I'd seen before. I'd booked in with a studio for the ink before I'd even had the high res design through!

- Lex Barber, Thorpe Next Norwich, GB

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One of the best tattoo sites!

Had a great experience on Tattoodo. Many great artists. Killer idea and best of all I got a killer tattoo design from it. Highly recommended. Thanks Tattoodo!

- Jonathan Gicewicz, Rutland (city), US

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I went in with minimal expectations to explore a tattoo idea. I left torn between a number of exceptional artists and tattoo designs. Overall I'll be showing up to my appointment much more confident towards the artwork I will wear the rest of my life.

- Doug Barba, Malden, US