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New Found Glory’s New Music Video is in a Tattoo Shop!

Calling all pop punk fans out there! If you’re missing out on the music scene then read  on! New Found Glory has been around in the pop punk scene for a long time. These guys have been rocking out since before I speak a whole sentence let alone type stuff on my keyboard. Recently, they…

10 Funny, Silly & Ridiculous Jesus Tattoos

WARNING: Do us a favor & Don’t click if you’re easily offended. Jesus is our buddy. :-) He’s also your surf buddy. Although he wouldn’t need a surfboard as he can walk on water! That’s good & I like that! Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit. Need someone to talk to? Call Jesus. :-) He can turn…

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25 eCards for Every Tattoodo Reader

If you liked our last eCards post, then you clicked to the right place. Here’s another round of tattoo-related eCards you probably will relate to. 1. That feeling when you finally get your month’s pay check Which means ramen dinners for the rest of the month. 2. It’s a true #FirstWorldProblems tragedy 3. The struggle is…

Disney’s Fancy Frozen tattoos

You’ve all seen it, once at least: Disney’ frozen! So let’s talk a bit more about all the Disney’s fancy Frozen tattoos out there. Queen B Elsa is obviously the favorite of many,  but her ‘lil sin Anna can also inspire many an artist. When it comes to cuteness,  no one can quite compare to…

10 Cool & Fun Under The Feet Tattoos

Take a walk on the Random, wide, & colorful World of Tattooing and check out the people who actually treaded that place. ;-D Beautiful tattoo idea for such placement. Does it hurt? Fuck YES! A lot of nerve endings are found at the feet, and these nerves are connected to various organs of the body. So…

8 Middle Finger Tattoos that don’t give a f**k!

Headline is self-explanatory. :-) ‘Cause it’s better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who you are not. That’s why. ;-)   Tattoo by Christian Hasse (Germany) Love this wild Johnny Cash portrait tattoo! If you guys can help us credit the artists, it would be great! Here’s a sexy “Fuck yall”…

35 Majestic Indian Chiefs Skull Tattoos

Full headdresses are warn by Plains Indians men who have earned a place of great respect within their tribe. via @kunbsa They are seen as items of important spiritual and political significance. via @zombietattoojoe Sometimes warn into battle, warriors who were first in line and returned home safely would earn one eagle feather.via @xellieclark Each feather…

Tattoo Allergies Affect 1/10… Are You One Of Them??

A recent survey has suggested that a surprising number of people who get tattooed will experience some form of allergic reaction, be it pain, prolonged rashes, inflammation, itching and severe scabbing lasting months! So if you have ever experienced something similar with a tattoo then you are a not alone. After interviewing 300 randomly selected individuals…

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls, Stacy Jean!

Stacy Jean is a visual artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who grew up in Hawaii. Like most of the artists I admire these days, I first found out about her on Instagram. It’s still pretty hard to believe that this woman is a mother of three and still managed to look at least ten years younger…

Muita Fofura: 13 Tatuagens De Coalas Para Você Se Apaixonar

Se alguém assim como eu é louco pelo seriado The Big Bang Theory, sabe que o único ser humano ou animal na face da terra capaz de fazer o maluco genial do Sheldon sorrir, esse bichinho é o Coala! Muita fofura para um animalzinho só! Aquela carinha de sempre inocente, quase sorrindo para a gente…

10 Gorgeous Tattoos Inspired By Japanese Kabuki Theater

The culture of Japan will never cease to inspire tattoo art. Let’s take some time to explore Kabuki tattoos. There are many types of theater art in Japan, and Kabuki is one of the most famous, along with Noh theater, whose masks are very coveted for tattoos. This is the reason why people often make…

35 Fantasy Heart Tattoos

In one design or another heart tattoos may be the most used symbol in tattooing, new school, old school, abstract, tribal, the heart has been used in almost every tattoo style there is, but there is always new ways to make the heart an awesome tattoo. Perhaps the most frequently used heart tattoo is the…

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Filipe Serra


Since I'm new to the tattoo world I was a bit afraid to try, and since I'm a bit picky too I thought I would just pay for something that wouldn't meet my expectations. I couldn't be more wrong! The community is totally awesome! I will definitely recommend Tattoodo and I'll definitely get more from them again in the future!

- Filipe Serra, Serpins, PT

Lex Barber

Exactly what I wanted and better!

Within days some superb entries came in and I interacted with Artists on their thoughts and ideas. The final winner of my contest was an amazing design that was really 'me' and unlike anything I'd seen before. I'd booked in with a studio for the ink before I'd even had the high res design through!

- Lex Barber, Thorpe Next Norwich, GB

Jonathan Gicewicz

One of the best tattoo sites!

Had a great experience on Tattoodo. Many great artists. Killer idea and best of all I got a killer tattoo design from it. Highly recommended. Thanks Tattoodo!

- Jonathan Gicewicz, Rutland (city), US

Doug Barba

Like receiving presents all month

I went in with minimal expectations to explore a tattoo idea. I left torn between a number of exceptional artists and tattoo designs. Overall I'll be showing up to my appointment much more confident towards the artwork I will wear the rest of my life.

- Doug Barba, Malden, US

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