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21 Leading Ladies with Traditional Tattoos

I often find myself wondering if tattoos we’re so prevalent and widely accepted back in the day as they are now, which celebrity babes would be sporting them? The answer, is likely not many – but a girl can dream. Cheyanne Randall runs the Instagram @IndianGiver, a page devoted to photoshopped portraits of celebs with awesome…

25 Refined Gypsy Tattoos

Gypsy tattoos are a true old school tattoo and a perfect choice for any traditional sleeve or design. Inspired by the gypsy way of life and culture, gypsy tattoos have traditionally honoured the travelling lifestyle of gypsy life and taken the form of a woman’s head. Perhaps due to the strong will and nature female gypsy’s…

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The Spectacular & Gut-wrenching Phuket Vegetarian Festival (Warning: Graphic content)

The spectacular Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a colorful event held over a 9-day period in October during the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which celebrates the Chinese belief that abstinence from meat & various stimulants will help the participants obtain good health, a clean spirit & peace of mind. There are fascinating (some…

15 Spellbinding Mermaid Tattoos Part 2

Looking for Mermaid Tattoos Part 1? It is HERE. For long, mermaids, aka sirens, have fascinated sailors and human beings in general. Tattoo art is celebrating them like an other art indeed. Gorgeous women, they first appeared in the American traditional style, with iconic flashes made by the father of contemporary tattoo art, Sailor Jerry…

12 Bold & Funny Tattoo Shop signs

These tattoo shop signs said it very well. For those of you thinking that a tattoo shop’s just some shop like a discount store where you can just buy a tattoo, you’re wrong. Tattoo artists take no bullshit from no one. Good Tattoos are results of hard work. Blood, sweat and tears. It ain’t cheap…

15 Spellbinding Mermaid Tattoos Part 1

Mermaid tattoos are part of the history of tattoo art. They were one of the most popular designs coveted by sailors, to symbolize both the dangers and wonders of the ocean, and gorgeous women to look at while away from home… Mermaids are mythological creatures living in the depths seas and oceans but often appearing…

Hilarious Typical Guy Tattoo Form

Previously, there was the hilarious typical girl tattoo form… then comes the typical guy tattoo form. LMAO!!!   So much LOLs on the bad translation part!!! :))) I hope you guys aren’t into that. Like we always say, think before you ink! Don’t just get tattooed… get a GOOD TATTOO. ;)  

The Grand Opening of Love Hate Social Club, NYC.

Formerly known as the Wooster Street Social Club, home of internationally acclaimed reality TV series “NY Ink“, Ami James’ newest Love Hate Social Club (NYC) will play host to some of the top tattoo artists in the industry. This month, the business has moved out of their current standing on 43 Wooster, to their new state-of-the-art home on Lafayette Street and…

10 Stunning Religious Backpieces

Love it or hate it religion is still a central part of the modern world and holds a special place in the hearts of millions. Religion acts for many as a significant part of their life, it is what drives them forward and helps them get through the hard times. Of course there is no…

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Filipe Serra


Since I'm new to the tattoo world I was a bit afraid to try, and since I'm a bit picky too I thought I would just pay for something that wouldn't meet my expectations. I couldn't be more wrong! The community is totally awesome! I will definitely recommend Tattoodo and I'll definitely get more from them again in the future!

- Filipe Serra, Serpins, PT

Lex Barber

Exactly what I wanted and better!

Within days some superb entries came in and I interacted with Artists on their thoughts and ideas. The final winner of my contest was an amazing design that was really 'me' and unlike anything I'd seen before. I'd booked in with a studio for the ink before I'd even had the high res design through!

- Lex Barber, Thorpe Next Norwich, GB

Jonathan Gicewicz

One of the best tattoo sites!

Had a great experience on Tattoodo. Many great artists. Killer idea and best of all I got a killer tattoo design from it. Highly recommended. Thanks Tattoodo!

- Jonathan Gicewicz, Rutland (city), US

Doug Barba

Like receiving presents all month

I went in with minimal expectations to explore a tattoo idea. I left torn between a number of exceptional artists and tattoo designs. Overall I'll be showing up to my appointment much more confident towards the artwork I will wear the rest of my life.

- Doug Barba, Malden, US

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