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Slava has over 10 years of experience and is a specialist in realism, both in color and black&grey. He also has a higher medical education! He works at Timeless Ink in Toronto.


Hour rate:300 CAD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Impressive blackwork and illustrative design by Slava, featuring a wolf, tree, and woman for a bold and striking look.Stunning blackwork design featuring a fierce tiger, intricate clock detail, and bold numbers by talented artist Slava.Get an illustrative upper leg tattoo of a fierce lion by Slava for a bold and unique look.Unique forearm tattoo featuring black and gray lettering of a quote by Michael C Hall, done by the talented artist Slava.Experience the magic of music with this stunning realism tattoo of a guitar on your forearm, created by the talented artist Slava.Get lost in the surreal world of an astronaut exploring architectural wonders on your upper arm. Expertly done by Slava.Vibrant and detailed new school tattoo of a man on the forearm, expertly done by tattoo artist Slava.A powerful black and gray tattoo featuring a man and a meaningful quote, expertly done by Slava.Vibrant new school and watercolor design on upper arm by Slava, featuring a magical unicorn and delicate flower motif.Realistic forearm tattoo featuring Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands, by Slava. A stunning tribute to the iconic character.Stunning black and gray upper leg tattoo featuring a beautiful drake and intricate flower design, by the talented artist Slava.Discover the high seas with this new school pirate ship tattoo on your upper leg. Sail through epic storms and conquer new adventures with Slava's illustrative design.
Get a stunning blackwork and realistic upper arm tattoo featuring the joker, cigarette, clown, and the iconic Joaquin Phoenix. Book now!Get a unique blackwork ankle tattoo of a man with glasses holding a balloon by talented artist SlavaElegant forearm tattoo by Slava, blending ornamental and illustrative styles for a stunning design.Beautifully detailed elephant and lion tattoos by Slava, creating a stunning and powerful design on your forearm.Elegant black and gray tattoo on the upper arm featuring a man and a meaningful quote in beautiful lettering style by the talented artist Slava.Experience the power and beauty of a tiger with this stunning blackwork realism tattoo by Slava on your forearm.Get inked with a black and gray Poseidon statue tattoo on your lower leg by the talented artist Slava.Celebrate the iconic Bryan Cranston character with this black and gray forearm tattoo by artist Slava. Perfect for Breaking Bad fans.Elegant blackwork design featuring a native bonnet motif, expertly executed by Slava on the lower leg.Capture the essence of Mac Miller with this stunning realism tattoo by Slava on your lower leg.Intricate black and gray man portrait with bold lettering quote on upper arm by artist Slava.Unique lettering meets surrealism in this forearm tattoo featuring a statue and meaningful quote by Slava.