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The London Social Tattoo

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Kayla's versatile hand covers a range of different styles from micro-realistic portraits to large scale geometric pieces and intricate ornate floral pieces. Kayla specialises in fine-line tattooing and would be happy to make your ideas and project come to life.



Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

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Unique fine line tattoo by Kayla featuring a woman's hand holding intricate wireframe planets in geometric illustration style.Explore the cosmos with this intricate black and gray tattoo featuring a planet, DNA strand, and person in a sleek wireframe design by artist Kayla.Inspired by traditional style, artist Kayla captures the beauty of a swallow and flower in black and gray ink.A stunning black and gray illustrative tattoo featuring a moon, butterfly, tree, and eye. Created by the talented artist Kayla.Kayla's intricate tattoo features a stunning woman's face in a blend of geometric and micro-realism styles on the back.Elegant and intricate geometric design featuring a beautiful flower and arrow, crafted by the talented artist Kayla.Get mesmerized by Kayla's intricate black and gray illustrative rendition of the haunting Hannya mask design.Experience the sharp precision of this geometric realism sword tattoo on your lower leg, expertly crafted by Kayla.Experience the intricate beauty of Egyptian symbolism with this fine line, geometric and illustrative tattoo of the goddess Isis, expertly crafted by Kayla. Fine line and illustrative tattoo by Kayla featuring a geometric wireframe person design.Intricate black and gray fine line tattoo featuring a geometric moon and statue design by Kayla.Unique black and gray tattoo by Kayla featuring a planet, heart, and geometric elements in fine line illustrative style.
Experience a stunning blend of fine line and illustrative styles in this abstract tattoo masterpiece by Kayla.Unique micro-realism design by Kayla, combining geometric shapes with intricate detail for a stunning tattoo on the forearm.Illustrative black and gray tattoo of a serene park bench, skillfully done by Kayla.This dotwork and fine line tattoo features a mesmerizing geometric mandala design, all skillfully executed by tattoo artist Kayla.Admire the intricate details of Big Ben in this black and gray illustrative design by Kayla. A mesmerizing piece showcasing the iconic London landmark in a unique spiral pattern.Unique black and gray fine line tattoo of an elephant intertwined with DNA. By artist Kayla.Embrace the warmth of the sun and the loyalty of a dog with this fine line geometric tattoo by Kayla.Striking upper back tattoo featuring a geometric design and detailed micro-realism portrait of a dog, by artist Kayla.Unique black and gray tattoo featuring a geometric vase with intricate moon phases design, created by talented artist Kayla.Beautiful forearm tattoo featuring a geometric and micro-realism style flower, expertly done by Kayla.Intricate black and gray fine line design by Kayla featuring a snake intertwined with architectural column. Unique and visually striking.Experience the beauty of earth and freedom of an eagle in this fine line and illustrative black and gray tattoo by Kayla.