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The London Social Tattoo

Next week


Victoria's style encompasses fine-line tattooing with geometric and micro-realistic pieces and keeps in line with intricate and delicate lines associated with single needle tattooing.



Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Intricate dotwork design of a swallow in a geometric style, beautifully executed by tattoo artist Victoria.Elegant fine line tattoo with a star and flowing design, personalized with a small lettering name. By artist Victoria.Stunning black and gray micro-realism tattoo of a detailed rose intertwining with a sharp sword. Designed by the talented artist Victoria.Get a delicate and detailed butterfly tattoo in fine line illustrative style by the talented artist Victoria.Elegant black and gray illustrative tattoo of a bird swallow, skillfully crafted by artist Victoria.Explore the universe with this intricate fine line tattoo featuring galaxies, planets, and the solar system. Created by the talented artist Victoria.Experience fine line and illustrative style in this intricate ornamental tattoo design by Victoria.Experience the elegance of a chrysanthemum and crane design in this illustrative tattoo by the talented artist Victoria.Experience the elegant movement of smoke within marble swirls, expertly crafted in fine line black & gray by Victoria.Experience the precision of micro realism with this black and gray sword tattoo by Victoria. A symbol of strength and bravery.Experience the beauty of fine line and illustrative styles in this stunning geometric crane tattoo by the talented artist Victoria.Explore the intricate beauty of Victoria's fine line geometric leaf tattoo, a stunning fusion of nature and geometry.
Exquisite black and gray feather tattoo by Victoria, capturing intricate details in a small size. Perfect for minimalist tattoo lovers.Unique and detailed dotwork and fine line illustrative tattoo of a man, crafted by the talented artist Victoria.Explore the beauty of the moon, planets, trees, flowers, and earth in this intricate and elegant design by tattoo artist Victoria.Elegant and delicate tattoo featuring a native woman, beautifully rendered in an illustrative style by the talented artist Victoria.Victoria's detailed ornamental design features a delicate combination of a moon, lotus, and eye in fine line style.A stunning dotwork and fine line dragon tattoo, beautifully illustrated by Victoria, creating a mesmerizing design.Experience the intricate details of a black and gray tattoo featuring a lamen bowl, expertly created by Victoria.Beautifully detailed illustrative tattoo of a lady's face in singleline style, by Victoria.Experience the intricate beauty of a fine line, geometric symbol tattoo created by the talented artist Victoria. Perfect for those seeking a modern and unique design.Elegant fine line and geometric design by Victoria featuring mountains, trees, and serene landscape.Elegant fine line tattoo featuring a moon and star motif, skillfully crafted by artist Victoria.Experience Victoria's exquisite black and gray micro realism tattoo of a delicate rose flower.