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“#color” Tattoos

Get a vibrant illustrative tattoo of a maple leaf by talented artist Adi D. This colorful design will make a statement on your skin.Adorn your skin with a vibrant and intricate flower bouquet tattoo by Adi D, showcasing a stunning display of colors and detail.Micro realism of a dachshund’s face with a flower on its head in color by Doo.Flower, dog, Dachshund, color, micro realism, color realismFlower, pansy, realism, realistic, flower tattoo, micro realism, collar born, color flower, colour realism, maching tattoo Experience the beauty of realism with this stunning violet flower tattoo by Eve inksane. Perfect for those who love color and nature.Elevate your skin with a stunning color micro realism rose tattoo by the talented artist Viola. Bring life to your skin with this intricate and vibrant design.Explore Adi D's colorful and abstract artwork, featuring a mesmerizing snake and flower motif in illustrative style.Adorn your skin with a stunning illustrative tattoo of a colorful peony flower by talented artist Adi D.Immerse yourself in a cosmic adventure with this stunning realistic tattoo featuring a galaxy backdrop and a brave knight in vibrant colors. Expertly executed by tattoo artist Avi.Experience the power and beauty of this vibrant illustrative dragon tattoo by the talented artist Marie Terry.
Vibrant new school style dog portrait with lifelike realism, beautifully executed by Marek Unfamous Haras on the forearmAdorable illustrative tattoo featuring a colorful kawaii cat design by the talented artist Adi D.Adi D's illustrative tattoo combines a colorful fish, abstract elements, and a beautiful flower in a stunning watercolor style.Pollynor devil, color tattoo.Experience stunning detail and color in this micro realism bee tattoo by artist Viola. Perfect for nature lovers.Viola creates a stunning micro realism tattoo of a vibrant and detailed plum blossom, showcasing her talent for intricate and lifelike floral designs in full color.Experience Doo’s stunning micro realism technique in this cat portrait tattoo, a perfect tribute to your beloved pet Cat tattoo, pet tattoo, cat face, pet portrait, realism, micro realism, fine line tattoo, color realsimGet inked with a vibrant illustrative bird tattoo by Adi D, featuring abstract design and rich colors. Stand out with this unique and visually stunning piece of body art.Elegant fine line cherry tattoo with colorful details, created by Adi D in an illustrative style.