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“#filigree” Tattoos

Elegant black and gray illustration featuring a bird perched on a statue with intricate filigree details, by artist Jake Masri.Detail of a super fun tattoo I made of Lady Gaga. #ladygaga #bornthisway #tattoo #portrait #meganmassacre Elegant pattern and filigree design by Lin Feng, beautifully crafted on the chest area.Elegant and intricate chest tattoo featuring a cat surrounded by delicate filigree details. Expertly done by Edyta.Show off your love with this traditional blackwork heart and filigree tattoo by Claudia Trash on your forearm.Tattoo by Pierre Bourquin aka pierroked #pierroked #PierreBourquin #lettering #calligraphy #script #text #blackwork #linework #filigree #letters #quote #words #detailCapture the intricate beauty of neo-traditional style with a skull and filigree design by Edyta, elegantly placed on your upper arm.Get a striking black and gray illustrative tattoo of a man statue with intricate filigree details on your forearm in Los Angeles.Get an edgy yet elegant look with this stunning neo traditional tattoo featuring a fierce leopard and delicate filigree details, beautifully crafted by Edyta.By Chase Martines.
Unique black and gray illustration by Jake Masri featuring intricate filigree details on ribs.Illustrative upper arm tattoo featuring a horse, dagger, man with a beard, and filigree details by Jake Masri.Beautiful black and gray chest tattoo of a statue head surrounded by intricate filigree, by the talented artist Jake Masri.Mysterious black and gray tattoo featuring a snake, man with beard, and eye in a captivating triangle design by Jake Masri.Elegant neo traditional design by Edyta featuring a cat surrounded by intricate filigree on the chest.Detailed blackwork tattoo featuring a flower, clock, watch, and filigree design on the forearm. By Mengni Yang.Adorn your side face with intricate filigree design by Edyta in neo-traditional style for a stunning and unique look.Adorn your lower leg with a stunning blackwork design featuring a beautiful woman and intricate filigree details, expertly done by artist Jones.Get a stunning neo traditional tattoo of a woman surrounded by intricate filigree on your lower leg by the talented artist Edyta.Capture the bond between man and his best friend with this black and gray neo traditional tattoo by Edyta, featuring intricate filigree details on the upper arm.Chestpiece done!🌑☔️Perfum bottle ☔️🌑