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“#lines” Tattoos

Intricate design by George Antony on upper arm, featuring delicate lines and natural elements.Elegant patterned lines executed by the talented artist Lamat for an unforgettable sleeve tattoo.Elegant blackwork design with intricate patterns and lines, expertly executed by tattoo artist Chun Lee.Graceful butterfly and intricate lines on arm by talented artist Elisa Thirteen. Delicate and stunning design.Elegant fine line pattern and lines create a surreal masterpiece on your arm by talented artist Vítor.Experience the intricate patterns and fine lines of Lin Feng's surreal blackwork masterpiece on your lower leg.Unique blackwork tattoo by Vítor featuring intricate lines and dotwork creating a stunning pattern design on the forearm.Discover the mesmerizing pattern and lines of this upper leg tattoo by artist George Antony. Perfect for lovers of intricate designs.Explore the intricate details of this blackwork and fine line tattoo by Vítor, featuring a surreal tree design with intricate patterns and lines.Vítor beautifully blends floral motifs with fine lines and geometric patterns in this black and gray rib tattoo. A stunning mix of surrealism and elegance.
Unique tribal design with futuristic cyber sigil and intricate lines by artist José.Elegant floral design with delicate lines on the shoulder by talented artist Lamat.Fine lines and intricate patterns by Lin Feng for a surreal upper arm masterpiece.Elegant floral design by Luca Salzano, featuring delicate peony and intricate lines on the forearm.Vítor's intricate blackwork and dotwork design features fine lines in a surreal motif on the forearm.Elevate your upper back with Lin Feng's fine line surrealism design featuring intricate patterns and bold lines.Adorn your forearm with intricate patterns and delicate lines by Lamat, expert in fine line ornamental tattoos.Get a stunning blackwork tattoo on your back with intricate geometric patterns and bold lines by artist Vítor.Elegant design featuring intricate patterns and lines by tattoo artist Lamat. Perfect for those seeking a unique foot tattoo.Impressive black and gray design featuring a knight's helmet with intricate lines, expertly done by Soheyl Astangi on the upper arm.Wristband tattoo. Straight lines are a must ! Only negative aspect is that it needs frequent touch ups to keep it looking on pointEthereal ghostly woman portrayed in delicate fine line and watercolor style on the forearm by Lin Feng. Intricate lines bring this hauntingly beautiful design to life.Jayeon