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“#luck” Tattoos

Get your luck on with this delicate and illustrative paw charm tattoo designed by Isla.Get your fingers crossed with this illustrative fine line tattoo symbolizing luck and hope, created by the talented artist Timmy.Get a touch of luck with this fine line, small lettering, illustrative tattoo of a shamrock and four leaf clover by Emma InkBaby.Get a powerful Japanese dragon and the lucky hammer Uchide no Kozuchi tattooed on your upper leg in London, GB.Good luckHotei and Jurojin , 2 of the Shichifukujin , 7 luck gods Luck. Broken luck Luck sigil Luck
Get a dose of good luck with this charming neo-traditional paw tattoo by talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Get some luck on your side with this neo-traditional rabbit's foot tattoo by Lawrence Canham. A symbol of good fortune and protection.Get the ultimate symbol of luck with this stunning fine line shamrock tattoo done by talented artist Chloe Hartland.Get inked with a delicate clover tattoo by Emma InkBaby for a stylish symbol of luck. Perfect for minimalistic tattoo lovers.Engraver’s style crossed fingersMicrorealistic fine-line four-leaf cloverManeki NekoLucky rabbits foot! #luck #rabbitsfoot #tattoo #tattoodoambassador LuckLuckLady luckLuckLuck