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“#quote” Tattoos

Beautiful black and gray tattoo of hands praying with a meaningful quote on the ribs by Felipe Reinoso.#lettering #chicano #oldschool #traditional #sevendoorstattoo #manusantanaSpartan sleeve . Freehand , Black tattoo , realistic , Chinese /Japanese characters , check my Ins for more info _mnink_ Tattoo by Liam Ryan #LiamRyan #MotorinkFinestTattooing #Amsterdam #script #lettering #text #quoteTattoo by Liam Ryan #LiamRyan #MotorinkFinestTattooing #Amsterdam #script #lettering #text #quoteUnique blackwork giraffe with inspiring quote on lower leg by Kiky Flore.Unique blackwork design with a meaningful quote, expertly done by Chun Lee.Small lettering upper arm tattoo featuring a motivating quote by Lin Feng.Unique pattern and inspiring quote by Chun Lee, beautifully crafted on your forearm.Unique pattern and inspiring quote beautifully crafted by Chun Lee on the forearmIntricate blackwork lettering tattoo on shin by Kike Krebs, featuring a powerful quote.Impressive blackwork chest piece featuring an eagle and powerful quote by VV Swain Tattoo.
Get a small lettering tattoo on your arm with a meaningful quote by Jonathan Glick.Illustrative black and gray tattoo on forearm featuring a quote with hands, done by Jake Masri.Also on IG as uglyblacksheepBold blackwork lettering and illustrative design by Eddy Ospina on the forearm, delivering a powerful message.Micro Fineline quote tattoo inspirational quote Unique blackwork tattoo by Chun Lee featuring a patterned quote design.Simple and elegant small lettering quote tattoo on forearm by Gabriele EduIntricate tribal pattern and inspiring quote inked on finger by Chun Lee.George Antony's small lettering tattoo on forearm featuring a quote and coordinates.Elegant ornamental sleeve tattoo featuring a meaningful quote by tattoo artist Chun Lee.Get inspired with Lin Feng's delicate small lettering quote tattoo on the ribs.Get a bold blackwork tattoo featuring a meaningful Arabic quote by Soheyl Astangi.