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“#sternum” Tattoos

line work sun on sternum Fine line sternum black and grey#Fineline #singleneedle #Medusa #sternum #ornamental #Tattoodo #medusatattoo Illustrative flower tattoo expertly designed by Sasha Sunshine, perfect for sternum placement.Illustrative floral design by Darren Brass on the sternum for a bold and elegant look.Check out this blackwork sword tattoo by Jenna Jeep for a bold and unique sternum piece.Unique blackwork tattoo on sternum by artist Angel Chavez featuring Horus eye, beetle, and wings motif.Illustrative blackwork design by Jose Cordova, showcasing a beautiful bee, flower, and sprig motif on the sternum.Intricate dotwork tattoo on sternum, featuring a serene scene of moon and mountain. Created by Karen Buckley.Experience the intricate patterns and empowering quote with Chun Lee's stunning blackwork lettering tattoo on your sternum.Get a unique and intricate sword design in fine line style on your sternum in New York.
Sternum ornaments Beautiful and decorative sternum tattoo.#neotraditional #eagle on the sternum #blackandgrey Nothingwild • Paris 🌙 Sailor moon sternum tattooBeautiful flower and pattern design by Karen Buckley, perfect for sternum placement.Intricate pattern and bold lettering on sternum, a stunning piece by Chun LeeBeautiful blackwork flower tattoo on sternum by Yasmin Clara, featuring intricate illustrative design.Bold blackwork and dotwork snake intertwined with intricate pattern on the sternum. Designed by Stasy Galz.Exquisite dotwork and fine line sternum tattoo featuring ornamental motifs and delicate leaves by Viví Bogdanov.Adorn your sternum with a stunning blackwork mandala tattoo by Lim, featuring intricate dotwork and ornamental details.Stunning sternum tattoo by Barney Coles featuring a classic butterfly and dagger motif in traditional style.Elegant ornamental design on the sternum by Indigo Forever Tattoos. Make a bold statement with this intricate motif.Get a stunning star pattern sternum tattoo designed by Amour.x, perfect for lovers of unique illustrative ink!