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“#thigh” Tattoos

Unique neo traditional snake design on thigh by talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Beautiful blackwork thigh tattoo featuring an illustrative flower design by renowned artist Patrick Bates.Beautiful traditional tattoo featuring a flower and gramophone design on the thigh by artist Barney Coles.Elegant heart motif tattoo by Frankie Brown, delicately inked on the thigh for a subtle and stylish look.Indulge in delectable realism with this mouth-watering pizza thigh tattoo skillfully executed by the talented artist Marie Terry.Get a stunning neo-traditional tattoo of a skull and coffin on your thigh by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Get a sexy and sophisticated playboy bunny thigh tattoo featuring delicate fine line art by the talented artist Jeff Huet.Capture the fierce beauty of a panther with this stunning neo-traditional thigh tattoo by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Barney Coles beautifully combines chicano and neo-traditional styles in this captivating tattoo of a blindfolded lady on the thigh.Get inked by Barney Coles with a striking traditional panther design on your thigh for a fierce and timeless look.Capture the mystique & allure with a snake motif inked by the skilled hands of Jacky Yang. Perfect for thigh placement.
Crane on Thigh.Luxray on the thigh!Elegant mandala design by Avi, beautifully crafted in geometric style on the thigh.Elegantly crafted lettering tattoo on the thigh by Helena Velazquez, showcasing artistic flair and precision.Vibrant new school design featuring playful bats and an orange tree by Cloto.tattoos on the thigh.Elegant neo-traditional design featuring a mystical moon and intricate face by Katy Sarsfield on the thigh.Capture the beauty and grace of the Japanese koi fish with this stunning thigh tattoo by Katy Sarsfield.Get a striking script tattoo on your thigh by talented artist Katy Sarsfield for a unique and meaningful design.Experience the beauty and power of a Japanese snake tattoo on your thigh, expertly crafted by renowned artist Ami James.Get a beautiful traditional rose tattoo on your thigh in London, GB. Perfect mix of bold colors and classic designLooking for a delicate and intricate thigh tattoo? Check out this small lettering piece by the talented artist Frankie Brown!Get inked with a traditional cowboy design by tattoo artist Sam Young on your thigh. Ride into the sunset in style!Experience the serene beauty of nature with this stunning watercolor thigh tattoo featuring mountains and a flowing river, by Cloto.tattoos.