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Queer Tattoos? Sounds Gay. I'm In!

Queer Tattoos? Sounds Gay. I'm In!

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To celebrate Pride Month, we've gathered 45 LGBTQ+ tattoos that are totally unique, just like you.

We’ve brought together this collection of LGBTQ tattoos that give a different look into what it means to be queer.

These queer tattoos help show that gender and sexuality don’t look like anything in particular. Although, for eons, we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that looking or acting in a certain way defines our gender or sexuality, it’s obvious that this just isn’t so. You can be a femme and still be a them. You can be gay and still be a they. Break rules, bend the boundaries.

Because, unfortunately, language rarely perfectly encompasses the world within us. Gender politics and philosophy is an ocean of verbiage that sometimes doesn't even come close to describing the ebb and flow of our experience. But imagery and symbolism, art in general, is different. It can capture things we can’t possibly perfectly describe.

This is why tattoos are great. No, pride tattoos don’t have to have rainbows. But they can. If that’s what someone wants to use to celebrate their LGBTQIA+ community, totally cool! Whatever resonates with you. But queer tattoos can also be something entirely different from what you’d expect.

There are so many great memes out there that poke fun at the typical Pride Parade. A confection of brightly colored flags, rainbows plastered on everything from vodka bottles to flip flops, and glitter….so much glitter. But, truly, being queer, trans, gay, or anything beyond and between, can look so unique! Because we are unique, and so is Pride.

That’s why these queer tattoos may surprise you. Showing LGBTQIA+ pride may mean simply going to a queer tattooer, or getting a design of your favorite animal, or getting abstract shapes that symbolize something intimate for you.

Celebrating pride simply means celebrating the skin you’re in, no matter what it looks like. Rainbows included, or not. This pride, we hope you have a great time, book a tattoo, party like a rockstar, be surrounded by loved ones, and feel free enough to embrace every part of yourself. Enjoy it how you want to, because that’s what this is truly about.

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