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To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo? Are You Ready for Your First Ink?

 To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo? Are You Ready for Your First Ink?
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Here are five key things to consider before getting your first tattoo…

They say the first tattoo is the hardest. It’s certainly the one that will feel most surreal! One moment your skin is as it’s always been, the next it’s forever changed. Because of the permanent nature of tattoos, a lot of us fear we’ll end up regretting our ink, so how do we know if we’re ready?

The truth is, no one, not even you, can guarantee you won’t regret getting a tattoo. But there are plenty of questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge to minimize the chances of this happening.

Here are five key things to consider before getting your first tattoo…

How long have you wanted the tattoo in question? 

Spontaneity is the spice of life, but in the world of tattoos, it can be helpful to have patience—especially when it’s your first time. If your tattoo is something you’ve chosen overnight, or something that might not stand the cultural test of time (what’s trending today on TikTok might be a chore to explain in 40 years, for example) then ask yourself whether you might benefit from waiting 6 months to see if it’s still exactly what you want.

Similarly, not all tattoos have to have meaning or emotional attachment, but it’s useful to think critically about what you’re getting etched permanently onto your skin. You may want to avoid anything offensive, political or - no matter how much you love them now - cultural figures or celebrities. You never can tell who they are deep down—especially if they’re still alive!

Have you researched a particular artist or style? 

If you’ve decided you’re ready for your first tattoo, it can be tempting to rush into the process. But we’d highly recommend putting your excitement on ice until you’ve properly researched the style of tattoo you’re after, as well as a competent artist. If you’re not familiar with getting tattoos, you might not be aware of how different they can look, depending on what style you’re getting. For example, you don’t want to end up with something much darker, more abstract or a different colour from what you envisioned simply because you didn’t choose the right artist.

It can be an overwhelming process, but platforms like us (Tattoodo) can help you to narrow down the kinds of tattoo styles you like, and even help connect you to the perfect artist for your idea.

Have you spoken with your chosen artist? 

While it’s not always crucial to plan ahead – plenty of people walk into a tattoo shop and never regret what they get – if you’re unsure or nervous about your first tattoo, we’d recommend starting up a conversation with your chosen artist beforehand. Together, you can discuss what you want in greater detail, as well as any apprehension or questions you have over pain or style.

Have you saved up enough money? 

We get it. You want a tattoo and you want it now. But cheap tattoos are never worth it. If it means waiting another year to save up the funds to get something that will look striking or beautiful for the rest of your life, then do it. Poorly performed tattoos can end up faded, blurry - or worse – permanently damaging to your skin.

Have you decided where your tattoo will be? 

Thankfully, conversations around whether you should be allowed to have tattoos in certain places for work or social reasons are (if you’ll excuse the pun) fading away. These days, people tend not to mind visible tattoos, but it’s still worth thinking about where to get yours done. Some areas will be more prone to sun damage and need more care, others will hurt more to get done. Choose yours wisely and, if in any doubt, ask your tattoo artist for advice.

Still undecided on style? Wondering if the artist you’ve chosen is right for you after all? Tattoodo has carefully selected the best artists and studios. Share your idea and we’ll help you find your dream artist and get that perfect first tattoo.  Try us out today.

Article by: Alanna Duffield
Cover image: Tess Pokes

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