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AMAdam McDade

Adam McDade

Triplesix Studios

Sunderland, GB


Adam McDade is a junior tattooist at Triplesix Studios, Sunderland, and AHRC NPIF-funded PhD research student in Design at the University of Sunderland. He did his first tattoo in December 2017, on Triplesix Studios founder, Bez, and has been gradually tattooing more frequently since. Prior to tattooing, Adam gained his undergraduate and masters degree in Illustration and design and worked as a freelance illustrator for a multitude of clients. Adam is interested in implementing his illustration background into his tattooing practice, and hopes to specialise in illustrative, psychedelic, and far-east inspired tattooing. His PhD research is titled, ‘Beyond the Epidermis: A practical investigation into contemporary Western tattooing’. Adam adopts a multi-method methodology that utilises his tattooing practice and autoethnographic reflections on practice in order to investigate the practical process of cultural production of tattooing, and the role of the contemporary Western tattooist. Adams website can be found at: IG: @adammcdadeillustration



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AMAdam McDade
Adam McDade