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Shea Rutherford

State Of The Art

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I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I've been tattooing 10 years. Inventor of The Mantis Grip (@themantisgrip) and co-founder of State of the Art Tattoo Gallery. I work tattoo convention in the US, traveling parts of the year. I also do murals, canvas paintings, sculpting, and charcoal portraits.


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3 sessions, 16 hrs total. #jellyfish #colorful #colortattoo #macmiller one session. RiPwww.artworkbyshea.comHad the most fun with this one. Original design. 2 sessions. It was done on a local doughnut shop owner, hence the doughnut...
#ozzy won 3rd place in Chicago 2019 Medium Color@artworkbyshea #fortwayne 12 hours, 2 sessions.  Time is not promised3 sessions, 15 hours rocket manMy cornerstone tattoo.  It went viral a few years ago, changed my career.  Two sessions.  10 hours or less.  All it takes is one tattoo...Chef tattoo on my buddy. Always hooking it up with good eats. Took multiple sessions, 5 I think. Maybe 20 hours or so. Finished recently, the original artwork is by Rob Gonsalves, I didn't feel there was a need to change anything, so it was tattooed as close to the original as possible. RIP Rob, a great surrealist.
SRShea Rutherford
Shea Rutherford