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Eddy Ospina

Miami Ink - Love Hate Tattoos

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Been tattooing since 1998. From Miami. I work at Love Hate Tattoo (Miami Ink). I like to tattoo custom Japanese traditional and Americana traditional.



Hour rate:250 USD
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Get inked by Eddy Ospina with this vibrant traditional tattoo featuring a butterfly and flower motif, perfect for your upper arm.Get a stunning upper arm tattoo of an eagle in the illustrative traditional style by artist Eddy Ospina.#hannya #mask #kabuki #ghost #tattoo #namakubi #ghost #mapleVibrant traditional forearm tattoo featuring a sun, beach, tree, flower, and cloud design by talented artist Eddy Ospina#eagle #tattoo Immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese art with this illustrative upper back tattoo featuring a stunning combination of flowers and waves.Admire Eddy Ospina's masterful blend of Japanese lettering and illustrative style in this stunning upper back tattoo featuring a lucky manekineko surrounded by delicate sakura flowers.Get a fierce yet charming Japanese dragon tattoo on your neck by the talented artist Eddy Ospina.Bold blackwork design by Eddy Ospina featuring an eagle, skull, shield, and fire motifs.Illustrative tattoo by Eddy Ospina featuring a beautiful Japanese hannya mask, flower, and hand on upper leg.Experience the mythical beauty of a phoenix tattoo by Eddy Ospina, expertly designed for your upper arm. Embrace rebirth and renewal in stunning detail.
Illustrative traditional tattoo by Eddy Ospina featuring a beautiful cherry blossom motif on the forearm.Intricate arm tattoo featuring a fierce tiger, clever rat, and adorable mouse in traditional style by Eddy Ospina.Traditional inspired giraffes, colorful clouds. Bold blackwork lettering and illustrative design by Eddy Ospina on the forearm, delivering a powerful message.#christ Illustrative forearm tattoo featuring a beautiful composition of sakura, sword, and cherry blossoms by artist Eddy Ospina.Eddy Ospina's illustrative design featuring a vibrant hummingbird and delicate flower on the upper arm.Incredible illustrative phoenix design by Eddy Ospina, beautifully placed on the shoulder for a striking look.A stunning illustrative tattoo by Eddy Ospina featuring a spider, flower, and crab motif on the upper leg.A beautiful blend of lettering and neo-traditional style, this tattoo by Eddy Ospina on the lower leg features a heart, sword, and meaningful quote dedicated to mom.Get a fierce and detailed Japanese tiger tattoo on your upper leg by renowned artist Eddy Ospina. Elevate your ink game with this illustrative masterpiece.Exquisite shoulder tattoo by artist Eddy Ospina, featuring traditional Japanese motif of Hannya and Hons.
EOEddy Ospina
Eddy Ospina