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K-ink Tattoo Studio

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Get inked with a bold blackwork tiger design on your forearm by the talented artist Lars. Stand out with this fierce and illustrative tattoo!Classic traditional upper arm tattoo by Lars featuring a flower, heart, anchor, and rope motif.A stunning blackwork forearm tattoo by Lars featuring an illustrative design of a man wearing a cap with fine line and small lettering for a quote.Get a stylish and minimalist forearm tattoo with small lettering by tattoo artist Lars. Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and meaningful quotes.Lars created a stunning blackwork tattoo featuring glasses and a mask on the forearm. Unique and stylish design.Stunning traditional tattoo featuring a beautiful mermaid and a vibrant flower, expertly done by Lars on the forearm.Elegant blackwork and illustrative style tattoo by Lars, featuring intricate fine line clouds on the lower leg.Get a unique tattoo of a woman and man in suits, beautifully crafted in fine line style by Lars on your upper leg.A unique forearm tattoo featuring a dog, knife, and powerful quote in bold blackwork style by the talented artist Lars.Lars combines blackwork with intricate details to create a unique botanical design for your shin.Get a striking blackwork tattoo on your forearm with a powerful quote in bold lettering, expertly done by Lars.
Get a bold blackwork & illustrative tattoo of a dagger with money motif on your chest by Lars.Lars' expertly crafted cat tattoo on forearm combines bold black lines and intricate details for a striking piece of art.Illustrative blackwork tattoo of a butterfly and sword on upper arm, by Lars. Unique and bold design.Bold blackwork design of a gun on the forearm, expertly done by artist Lars. Show off your edgy style with this unique tattoo.Elegant pattern design by Lars, perfect for upper arm placement. Intricate and stylish.Get a bold blackwork pocket knife tattoo on your upper arm by Lars. Detailed and striking design.Get inked with Lars' unique lettering style featuring a snake, hand, blood, and meaningful quote on your upper leg.Elegant fusion of butterfly & skull in traditional style, by Lars. Perfect for upper arm placement.Fine line and small lettering upper arm tattoo featuring a beautifully detailed flower and a meaningful quote, designed by Lars.Lars created a striking blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a powerful quote and a bold illustrative woman design.Beautiful illustrative design on ribs with small lettering of a quote and year. Perfect for a delicate and meaningful tattoo.