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Guen Douglas

Taiko Gallery

Next month


British/French Canadian Living and working at Taiko Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Primary styles

Secondary styles


Min. rate:100 EUR
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Lines headed (3years) colour fresh Custom I don’t care bear 🐻💕Little compass rose for this lovely lady ❤️Little fine line dogs ears 🐶❤️Back of arm almost finished, back piece by me healed 💕Wee birdy for this lovely lady visiting from Brighton! ❤️Her own butt and a cute lil raspberry In progress sleeve, lower arm The duchess of Devonshire, inner thigh Little emerald oyster 🦪🦪🦪Sweet peony on tanned shoulder
Etching style plant spray 🌱💕Tanuki 💕In progress back piece, working in an around existing pieces.  Moving to integrate the bum bits next! ❤️Little add on to a sentimental little piece ❤️Spider plant baby gap fillers! Would love to do more! 🌱Almost finished, done in two back to back 4 hour sessions ❤️Little wood cut lion Healed bows and lace 🎀💓✨ bum healed from a few years ago!! ✨🎀💓I’m progress back of thighs! Can’t wait to add colour! X???Small pierrot from my wanna do book Long boi
GDGuen Douglas
Guen Douglas