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TSTyler Stoll

Tyler Stoll

Next month


i love the beliefs of life forms on other planets the beliefs of life in outer space


Black & Gray
Dark Art
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This one I truly loved doingBlue fire skull drawingSmoking skull sketchSome of my favs from this past weekNew work from this past week Looking to give these drawlings a home Looking to give these drawlings a home soon Dinosaur tattoo I did the other day My all time favorite artwork I've ever gotten to do on someone 👽The truth is out there 👽👽👽Abduction
Hand tattoo skull face mask was a fun projectRed Dead Redemption skull drawlingAlso down some new sketches that are looking for a homeMarijuana leaf smoke tatGiant nug of weed tat Got this design looking for a home New drawlings done looking for a home Finally got to give this tattoo a home today thank you for looking Them: What's on your mind? Me: Oh nothing just being taken to a better placeEven in the coldest of places we get abducted Sometimes we fall even from different heights then others 👽Skull & alien space tat
TSTyler Stoll
Tyler Stoll