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R'Rueben ''Horikei'' Kayden

Rueben ''Horikei'' Kayden

Chameleon Body & Arts



Horikei is a Boston based Japanese style tattoo artist. He has traveled to Japan many times and has mentored under traditional tattoo masters to come up with his Asian based style.



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Japanese (Irezumi)
About the Artist

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Foo dogs and peony , karajishi and botan Geisha and hawk with maple leaves Dragon and mask bodysuit HannyaDaruma Namanari maskTebori traditional Japanese hand poke technique by Horikei Kiku , black and gray, rib tattooHannya #tattooooftheday
Dragon and cherry blossom Fudo Myoo Foo dogHannya to botan KoiTraditional Betty Boop in watermeleon kimono #karajishi to #botan , in progress Lines and shading with machine. Flower petals done with #tebori
R'Rueben ''Horikei'' Kayden
Rueben ''Horikei'' Kayden