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Ick Abrams

grim tattoo

Next month


My name is Ick. I specialize in a Neotraditional style of tattooing that is mostly inspired by metal and the occult. All things dark, evil and scary.



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Covered some old stuff on my buddy @slova215 yesterdayCovered some old stuff up with this crazy spider. On @hell_bent_hotrodBlack flame torchDemon to Coverup some old stuffDemon lady on the side of the neckEvil eyesDemon on the whole calfBapbomet  Creepy spider in the shin. I love doing spiders!
Happy Halloween!!! Demon lady on the inner bicep from yesterdayDemon and bats on the stomach!! Just gotta finish that little bat dude on the other side... there’s a belly button in that nose hahahaCaptain Spaulding i did years ago on my friend @gotthemorbs. R.I.P @sidhaigsaysRaccoon on the stomach. Ouch!Big bad wolfDemon on the thighDemon/lady on the stomachRose spiderScorpion and rose on the upper armDemon on the forearmCovered some old tattoos with this Odin inspired wolf
IAIck Abrams
Ick Abrams