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JAJake Atkins

Jake Atkins



Second year tattooist


Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
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Cover up on a coverup, traditional rose Yin yang wolf done on a calfCrown and key on the ribsIpad piece i want to tattoo Aboriginal piece done awhile agoOld school piece from awhile back Small “white” flower behind the earIntegrity thigh pieceGoku piece i did playing around and learning new way on the ipad, this was awesome to do! Some skuller fillers from the other day on the forearmUnbrella on the finger Close cover-up done on the wrist
Finished a friends chest piece, 10 hours all up Japanese warrior idea Flash sheet drawn up on iPad Japanese snake to wrap around a legTeacup done awhile back Old school piece done a while back This “mortal” piece was a struggle from start to finish, placement-stencil-line work glad to have it finished thoughGoing over the apprentices mistakes on himself, healed just the way it looked Sienna done on a forearm, still could of added one more shade but the client tapped out Quick wolf i did in an hour on the ipad Design done the other day on my ipad, up for grabs! Some frangipanis done on the upper arm
JAJake Atkins
Jake Atkins